Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Carnie Wilson

We all know my opinions on Gastric Bypass Surgery.  They are not private!  I will even give  a small concession to people who have truly done everything to lose weight to no avail, but I am not a fan.  Now I do not know her person situation as far as what she did before the FIRST surgery, but now a second surgery, oh my, now I have comments.

First off.  I actually watched a video the other day where they talked about how Gastric Bypass was a cure for diabetes and the only true way to lose weight.  It was the be all end all greatest surgery for fat people.  I had a hard time with this but I "ate" my thoughts and didn't say anything.  But if these comments were true then why would it be necessary to have the surgery a second time?

The girl in this video actually says, "We know the surgery is safe..."  I can think of 3 people first hand not to mention many more that would disagree!

Second off.  I understand she is in the public eye and wants to look her best.  It is embarrassing to lose a tremendous amount of weight only to gain most of it back.  Trust me, I KNOW!!  I am currently trying to lose my "sad" weight, the weight I have already lost and I am going to get to lose again.  I'm not in the public eye and it is still embarrassing.  But this just seems like she took the easy way out.  It worked so well the first time lets just quick fix this since I have to go on tour again in 5 minutes. 

Thirdly.  (That might not be a word)  If this was the right decision for her, and she believes that it was, why does she feel the need to defend it on every network, or even talk about it at all.  Its like she wants us all to get on the bandwagon of support for her since this was her only option and I'm sorry but that bandwagon didn't stop by my house. 

Update:  After thinking about this one, I was not fair.  She has the right to her opinion too so if she wants to run all over the TV and tell everyone about her surgery, that is her opinion and I do not get to take that away from her.  Still not on the bandwagon but she has the right to her opinion just like I do!

I have also kept up with that show My 600 lb. Life.  If you think that Gastric is a cure, quick fix, all problems solved I encourage you to watch it.  It is a great thing for some, but not for all.  Please weigh all the pros and cons.

OK, you don't have to agree with me, and feel free to disagree with me if you would like.  I just have feelings about this and this is where I come to vent.

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