Friday, April 13, 2012

FollowAlong Friday.

Here we go. Bright and early! It so early its not bright yet! Off to the pool.  I do wish y'all could see this hair!

Ok that was a pretty good swim.  A little more laid back than most of my swims but this is a "Rest Day"  I had to do something cause I know I probably wont get to do a workout tonight.  I am planned for one and I have my stuff but it is very likely that I will not get to go.

My swim this morning was a little bit weird.  I walked in and the praise band leader was in the lane beside me.  It just a little weird, we shouldn't have to see each other in our bathing suits!  But he was actually finishing up so the awkwardness was over soon.  Then Hottie McCute boy came to swim again....seriously dude....come when I am working out with clothes on, why do I always run into people in my bathing suit!

I could tell that kickboxing is working all the muscles it was supposed to because every single time I lifted my hand to do the stroke I could feel my shoulders and back muscles where they were a little bit tight.  It was fine on the regular stroke but when I put the paddles on it was much more noticeable, and painful.
So then we have the shower and get ready at the gym.  Still not my favorite in the world but I'm getting used to it now.  I cant remember the last time I showered in my own shower.  I have missed it very much.  There is just something uncomfortable about showering in a prison shower and wearing flip flops to do it every morning.

Outta the pool and off to work...

Yep, that's about right!

I ate my breakfast on the way to work, fruit smoothie and a banana, ok so the banana is still sitting right beside me, but I am getting to it.  And I have grapes cooling in the fridge as we speak.  Once I got this my Friday can now begin.

Now the marketing guy at work is baking fresh baked cookies and I am trying to do my best, but I already used up about 90% of my willpower today resisting the want to drive through Hardee's and get  my Friday morning biscuit.  I'm being overly tested today.  The smell is the worst part, my office is right by the kitchen and they smell soooo good.  Ok, I gotta work a little bit.

I may have just discovered the danger of posting my entire make you victim to my rambling thoughts all day long.  For example:  A co-worker just gave me a high five as I walked down the hall to my office.  I love high fives, maybe not as much as my workout buddy (sorry inside joke, I know, don't talk about inside jokes if you cannot explain but it would take way to long and it sounds insensitive so no sharing, not today at least) but high fives at work, hello, love it!  And my ramblings may not come across the same when they are typed....every sentence is running through my head at 1000mph and you just have to catch them.  So read this really really fast!

And I still haven't eaten the banana!

Finally, lunch time.  I have been looking so forward to you all day long.  I really haven't been hungry because I have nibbled all morning long.  Yes I ate my banana...

To my surprise I bought bilingual bananas.....  who knew!

Back to lunch, I am having a grilled chicken and bean medley with some fresh salsa.  Its the leftovers from my dinner last night and it is just as good today as it was last night.  I also have some nuts and grapes for lunch but usually that becomes part of the afternoon snack.  

We are on the downward slide to the weekend.  In less than 2 hours I will be crusin' home with the windows down and the music way too loud. In 90 minutes it will officially be the weekend!!!  I finally got warmed up, we are having a cold spell so I have worn my old man Mr. Rogers sweater for 2 days but it has come off now because its the weekend and its warm.  Oh clock please move faster.

Home...finally.  I went to eat dinner with my daddy-o so no workout tonight.  The gym closes early on Friday nights, that is why I always miss Friday afternoon workouts.  The Area started hurting this afternoon late so maybe the no workout thing was actually a good thing.  I don't know what causes it to flare up but apparently sitting in my car is a trigger now.  Who knows?  As long as it feels better by tomorrow I don't really mind.  It did however keep me from eating dinner tonight.  I have discovered that when it hurts food makes it worse.  Being full is the most miserable so it is just easier to not eat at all when it acts up.  My family is soon going to think I am anorexic because this is the 2 time in two days that Ive gone out to eat and didn't eat anything.  I'm not I promise! 

Now the crew does have some questions about the new paleo diet I'm doing so I am trying to explain it to them the best I can...My bro-in-law told me tonight that he killed a raccoon and skinned it for me!  Thanks!  That would be taking the Hunter/Gatherer thing a little too far.  I know you may not know it but I do have some limits to what I will try.  I'm still learning more and more everyday about this plan so its a learning process for everyone.  They don't understand it (yet) but they support it, and that's all that really matters in the long run.

Now its time to start the unpack/repack fiasco that I go through every night but since it is the weekend that probably wont happen.  I am choosing to hang out and watch tv at my dads instead of going home and do laundry.  That being said I wont be late to bed tonight.  Ive been going since very early and my bed is already calling my name.  The only pressing thing to do at my house is my laundry....I am planning on wearing this exact same outfit all weekend long so I will need to wash it at some point.  (I liked it and I have a banquet to go to tomorrow night, I will probably like it tomorrow night too)

Alrighty...I think this is going to bring to an end "FollowAlong Friday"  I hope to post over the weekend but you never know if I will or not.  Have a good one in case I don't see you til Monday.

More coming.......

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