Monday, April 16, 2012

The Good News Is....

there are only 52 Mondays a year (on Average!!)

I started this post around 2 o'clock this afternoon and then 10pm here I am again.  Monday I know.  Monday has such a bad reputation but it always lives up to it.  I am so very glad to be home but I am so far from being in bed it is just unbelievable. 

At the moment I am trying to pack for tomorrow but I cannot do that until I get done with the laundry.  I had forgotten about the 2 sports bras 2 workouts a day problem.  I have everything going I just want it to finish.  Then I started to cook some chicken for the week and had to defrost....still Monday!!!  So while the chicken is grilling I'm gonna try to post.

I did get in a workout tonight that I have not done in weeks.  I was invited back to the kettlebell workout.  I enjoyed this last time but could not justify paying two separate memberships so I just decided I would have to do something else.  But when my workout buddy said to come by tonight I just couldn't resist.

I cannot wait to see how this body is going to feel tomorrow because I have truly beat it up over the last few days.  It hurts but if I am gonna get this weight back off then I am gonna have to hurt a little bit. 

I was already sore from Saturday's workout.  Sore is an understatement.  I can feel every single step I take.   And then tonight's workout is not going to help anything.  We did 400 swings.

I thought I held my own for not having done it in so long.  When it was over my back was starting to hurt and I thought I had made a bad decision but after we stretched the back was fine.  But as I walk around the house and I feel Saturday's workout and tonight's workout I can tell tomorrow is going to be fun.

I failed to convince my workout buddy to do the 99 workout I think I'm just gonna have to do it all by my lonesome.  There is no telling how long it will take but I will do it til I have to leave for work. 

I'm trying to get in bed before morning so I am going to scoot.  Hope you all have had a good night and some hard workouts.  Ill give an update on the 99 tomorrow, and hopefully Ill have time before 10pm, although tomorrow is looking just as busy as today!

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