Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter, 3 Day Weekend, and Back to Work

I have so much that I have not posted about but I don't know when I would have posted.  I know 3 day weekend, almost 4 days for me and I never stopped moving.  I think I need a vacation to recover from my long weekend.  haha!

Here I am again...trying to get this blog post written.  Ok, this is how my whole weekend has been.   For starters I got to go home from work early on Thursday, so my weekend started so early, but I went right to work.  I went home and started doing make up for prom.  I will try and post of pic of how pretty the girls were.  But I don't have one here with me right now.  Then it was off to prom grand march, home from prom and chaperoning the after party.  They are a good group of kids so basically I got to eat s'mores and hang out with some of my sisters.

Because I was up until 3am I was pretty sure I wasn't going to make my 7am run.  I told them I wasn't going to make it but that apparently wasn't good enough so at 7:10 I was getting text asking me where I was.  I finally gave up and went to meet them.  I tried to run with them but I could not find them anywhere so I missed the run but did get to go to a Good Friday breakfast with my friends.  Have no fear, just cause I missed the run does not mean I missed the workout. 

All day on Friday I took advantage of the day off.  For starters I took a big fat nap and then I did all the yard work I have put off for weeks.  I bought mulch 2 weekends ago and it has been sitting under my carport.  I finally got to put it out and my flower beds look so beautiful (the frost tonight will probably take care of that) the yard is mowed, the hedge is trimmed and the weeds are pulled.  I was pretty proud of my yard when I was done. 

When Saturday came around I thought it was going to be more relaxed....not so much.  I went with my sister and niece to go watch a race.  I didn't realize how hard it was to be a spectator but its a tough job.  Be sure and tell all those people that come to cheer you on thank you cause they have a tough job too.  My niece was running the Oak Barrel Half Marathon, I was upset that I missed the registration but it was great to watch her run this race.  She set a new personal best by 11 minutes.  It was awesome.

So right after the race it was off to a Trap Meet.  Ha ha, she ran a race and then had to go shoot a shot -gun for an hour.  Her bro was shooting too and all in all they did a pretty good job.  The shoot starting going a little bit long and I was beginning to get nervous.  I had 20 people coming to an Easter egg hunt that I was supposed to be hosting and I hadn't even hidden the eggs yet. 

I actually had to push the egg hunt back by an hour.  We had a pretty good hunt.  Just for the kids this time and as much as I hate to do it, everyone got a prize bunny.  That was a shout out for my mom, she wanted to make sure everyone got lots of eggs and everyone won a prize, even if it was because they were the only child wearing a blue shirt!!!! 

I don't know that I have ever had this thought before but by Saturday night I was so looking forward to church the next day.  We were having 3 services and I just was ready to see what the preacher man was going to talk about this week.  The first 2 services went well, I didn't have to stay for the final service cause we weren't singing at that one.  I thought it went well with the exception of a tiny traffic jam between services.  After church I didn't have anything to go to other than a nap!  NO egg hunt, nothing.  Finally, the break I had been looking for.  And it was an amazing nap!!!!!

It was back to work on Monday, and it was Monday all day long!  I did not workout cause I didn't want to and I did not eat good, nope I ate Easter jelly beans all day long.  But I think I got that out of my system because today I got in a swim this morning and a run this afternoon.  And my food was not great today but it was so much better than yesterday.

Tomorrow I am giving a go at something a little bit new.  We have really stepped back from the INSANITY workout because it was killing my workout buddy.  I was fine but she was hurting!!!!!haha!  I think it was the best decision for the both of us.  We are getting back to our running and meeting tomorrow for a kickboxing workout!  I love Kickboxing!!!!!  We are also starting up with the Paelo diet, also known as the Caveman diet.  We are doing it together, Im hoping for 7 days a week she is only committing to 5 days a week.  It just something new, what do I have to lose at this point other than weight.  Everything else I have done the last 2 weeks has helped me gain 5 pounds.  Ok the jelly beans did help with that too but before that I was doing really well with the diet exercise and still up!

I am actually posting while watching the Biggest Loser, I didn't make it home in time so I had to record it.  And just a funny, I am going to have to get a new tape because the sound on this one is suffering.  My sisters are on my tail to get DVR and quit with the VCR but it works!!!!  haha.  It took me until 2012 to get cable I don't see DVR in my future.  Although one of my sister said she would pay for the first month, haha.  I thing a new $3 tape will solve the problem. 

I still don't know who is getting kicked off but I already have some thoughts.  Why? oh why are they taking it to a 1 hour show!?!?!?!?!  What is the deal?  Is this going to be the new time because I am not liking this at all.  Second, Chris, I have tried to be on your side a little bit but all this crying is just enough already.   Do what you got to do, leave/stay, but for the love just decide!!!!  I'm sure I will have thoughts about the whole hour tomorrow but I'm not done yet.

Sorry for such a long post, this is what happens when you don't post for 4 days!  I will let you guys know how the kickboxing workout goes tomorrow.  You know I will give an honest review.  And Ill try to get some pics on here for you....this is a lot of words with no pictures.  Oh, and I am now on Instagram so maybe my pictures will be just fun and quirky now!

Night folks!!!

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