Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's ok!

One of the best blog hops that I do and I'm sorry to say but today I'm gonna win. I don't know if there's a prize but I would soooooo win it.

I can't do the HTML code with the iPad so go visit amber at for this hop.

Get ready I'm fixing to blow your mind!!!!

It's OK.....

...that I never thought about posting my big information on its ok until my cousin/ workout partner told me too

...that last night I spent 10 hours in the emergency room while I waited to be admitted to the hospital.

My cell

I will explain it all towards the end, I promise, don't skip ahead.

...that the IV in my hand hurts like crazy and no one will move it.

...that the robe I'm in shows off my butt and is a horrendous shade of yellow that does not look good on me.

...while in the ER my doc ninja stabbed me in the neck, literally 1,2, ninja stab! Wow!

While on the topic of my ER doc he was flamboyantly gay, didn't bother me. He had a rainbow projected and instead of clouds on the end it was his jazz hands, and after 3 hours my sister leaned over and said " I think he's gay!". Um, ya think. She said he came around the corner doing a pirouette! That's when she caught on.

...that I spent $4 on a iPhone game cause I need more bucks, what else am I gonna do!!!! Stuck in bed!

...that I have a huge zit on my face and no one will tell you that but family. I'm sure my 22 year old doctor enjoyed that at 8am.

...that every electronic device I have is dead or dying, but my wicked awesome sister just brought me a charger!!!!!!! iWorld I'm back!!!!!!!

....that my medical issue (I'm gonna explain hang on) makes me incredibly hot and I got the room with the bum A/C.

...that I don't like daytime tv.

Ok I made you wait long enough so here goes. Last night when I got home from work I started getting dressed to workout. I had time and I had been awake so long so I thought a break on the couch would be nice.

I probably hadn't been there for 10 minutes and my heart started racing. I didn't like the sensation at all. I rolled over but the freak out had begun, and the heart raced again. Just for a second but scary as hell. I got up off the couch, pretty sure I was having a heart attack but what was I gonna say, I've had chest pain for 4 months but tonight I got scared.

So I tried to get myself composed and did for the most part, but I couldn't shake the doom feeling. Needless to say I skipped the workout and went to church for praise band practice. I figured if I was having a heart attack better to be with people than home alone.

Once practice was over and my crew was back in town so I went over to talk to my sister. I talked to her and told her I thought I had an anxiety or heart attack and it scared me and I cried a little bit and I thought I needed to go.

Around 10pm we were off to the ER. I didn't know what to expect. I was gonna be embarrassed if I just had a panic attack but my mom died of a heart attack and I just couldn't get heart problem out of my head.

I actually got back to be seen very quickly. They did EKG,CBC, and lots of other initial test. Said the heart looked good but we could draw blood to see what was going on....

3 hours later I had an answer. No heart or anxiety problem, no cancer, but chest wall inflammation and something called rhabdomyolysis. This is a breakdown of my muscle tissue that can cause kidney function to slow but luckily we caught it quick enough that I have no kidney problem but it explains some of the chest pain and abnormal heartbeat.  I also got steroid shots in my neck and back because I have trigger points that were causing some of the pain.

So I'm stuck, in the hospital for 2 days having fluids pumped into my body at break neck speeds. Seriously, I'm going through bag after bag. This is supposed to push the bad breakdown enzyme out of the blood and make me all better.

Sad, I have to lay off the workouts for a while, I get more explanation of what that means later but if it will help I'm in, I might complain but I'm in. I'm ready to not hurt!!!!

I'll update you guys when I know more. Pics are coming, get ready, instagram and hospital, it gets NO better!!!!!

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Wendie Haynes said...

Glad you found an answer and I hope your recovery goes quickly & well!!!

Jane said...

CRAZY! You DO win, for sure! I hope this hospital stay goes quickly and that you are 100% better afterward! I'm sure your body will appreciate the fix and be all the more ready for your crazy workouts!

Emily said...

What about Biggest Loser this week Wendie?

Wendie Haynes said...

Don't even get me started...or is it you that missed the 1st part of the show? I did a post on it because it irritated me soooo much. Did you see that? I can fill you in on what happened if needed.
Btw, I hate the 1 hr shows too...especially the part where they said, "the contestants took part in the Mudder Challenge (I think that's what it was) and if you want to see it, go online."

Oh, and my security word to leave my last comment was unchest...interesting!

Emily said...

I watched it. And I hated to too. I just want my 2 hours back!!!!! Send them all home I say. I haven't way he'd the online thing yet.

I only asked cause I read your post and it tickled me.

Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

Oh gosh! I needed a warning of the IV pic lol! I hope you recoover quickly!

Emily said...

Sorry Britt....I dont get grossed out by things like that so I just assume no one else does time I'll at least warn you before I post a picture of a needle in my body! Promise!

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