Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's OK!!!!

Posting early is what I do.  Well, not really, I rarely get on here early but today It's OK!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Ok..
1.  ...that every time I type Thursday I spell it "thurdsay" because spell checker picks it up every single time!!!
2.  ...that I almost assaulted an 80 year old for smoking in the car next to me.  I struggled yesterday and really wanted a cig and she challenged me...
3.  ...that all the muscles in my body are hurting.
4.  ...that after living without one for years, I understand the joy of having a dinner table. I can eat, blog, pay bills, and pack bags for the next day all in one spot.  I LOVE IT!!!!
It's so small....but so helpful. 
5.  ....that I finally figured out Instagram so you can officially look forward to tons of new pics that look old!
6.  ...that I think my glasses are a headband, and that my hair will be nasty by the end of the day from taking them off my head and back on all day long.
7.  ...that I am totally obsessed with this song....get ready because it is not what you are expecting, I'm almost sure!

You have to listen!  So pretty!

8.  ...that I got so irritated today at this girl on the workout DVD that I have already started a post about her.  I yelled at her several times.  Get ready.

9.  .....that I can think of about 40 other things to put here but I feel the need to keep some things in my head, otherwise you guys would really thing I was crazy!

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Wendie Haynes said...

I love it's ok Thursday's! Is this something several bloggers do or just you? Is it something I can take part in?

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