Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kickboxing...I Can Feel It

Well I must say I kinda like my new free workout DVD.  Thank you very much Jillian.  We have only done the first workout, focus on arms and 20 minutes.  This is so quick that I could get in a run or something before I do the kickboxing.  It was short and to the point, and I like that.

And as for today's food I have done pretty well.  My buddy is struggling a little bit today.  She had a big headache and she is a big milk drinker so she will have a bad couple of days I'm afraid.  Since I am over my caffeine addiction I don't have the headache today.  That is a blessing, I never want that headache again....and I hate to break it to her but my workout buddy will have this headache for days not just one!

Tomorrow we are doing the second workout on the DVD, focus is on the legs tomorrow.  I can feel in my flank steak a little bit of soreness but nothing too bad.  A couple of the moves this morning hurt my "Area" pretty bad so hopefully tomorrow with the focus on the legs I wont hurt nearly as bad. 

My goal, and it is a goal that is always harder at 5:30am, is to get to the gym early and get in a little cardio before we workout.  I really hope I get there and don't wimp out and sleep.  I am going to bed extra early just so I will wake up on time. 

Like....NOW!  Night people!

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