Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Good Early Morning Guys!

Note the time stamp please....that's right, before 8am and not only am I up and posting but I have been at work for about half an hour already.  I have worked through lunches and now I'm coming in early all so I can keep going to my doctors appointments.  :) 

I didn't post last night and I'm sorry about that, guys, but I was a busy little girl yesterday and then we had the national championship game last night and I got all caught up.   Congrats Kentucky!  I was really routing for Kansas but I'm not sad about Kentucky winning either.

We have not been doing great on the INSANITY WORKOUTS for a number of reasons, excuse or not, it just hasn't worked out this week.  On Saturday we got in there and my partners foot was hurting her so bad she finally had to sit down and was not able to do the entire workout.  We opted for the elliptical machine and got in a good workout there, then last night we couldn't get the workout room.  We called ahead of time to make sure the room was free, when we got there, not so much, we were going to have to wait for almost an hour and there was a ballgame to get to.  So we did intervals on the treadmill instead.  And they were tough.

Treadmill Intervals:  OUCH!!!!  The very first one sent me into instant pain.   The Area was already hurting yesterday and about halfway through the first interval I had to stop and double over.  I just went to fast all at once.  Once I got myself composed and back together I was able to finish up the workout but I had to do the 30 second intervals instead of the 1 minute ones.  Now my workout buddy was champing it up.  She did about 12 intervals all ranging from 7-9 mph!  It was amazing.  Then to top off the workout I put her through an ab workout that would make Bob Harper jealous! 

So because I am at work it takes a little longer to post because I am having to work between thoughts.  Ill get back to you after running group and BL tonight!

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