Monday, April 30, 2012

More and More Everyday

I hate rest more and more every day.  Every single one....every single time I do something to fill up time because I cant do what I want to I go a little more crazy.  For the most part the past week has been pretty filled up with stuff.  Ballgames, tourney, choir practices, relay stuff!  But today it really hit me that I am not getting to workout.

This is how it went.  Wake up later than normal (good part), work, home!  Yes Home!  I have been at home since 6pm.  That is 4 hours!!!!!  I cannot remember the last time I have been home that early that didn't include a trip back to town to workout or meet with someone or do something.  I have been sitting at home doing busy crap.

Tonight, I have given myself a pedicure (please note:  not painted my toe nails, full out pedicure, foot scrapping, soaking, cuticle clipping, the whole shabang) waxed my legs (yes, waxed my legs, ouch) become entirely too involved in Dancing with the Stars, added every ballgame for the upcoming softball season to my calendar, laid out my clothes for tomorrow, and learned a new song.

My new toe nails complete with a flip flop tan line!

I am soon going to explode if I cannot find an outlet for this built up energy.  In anticipation for the idea that I might get to sweat again I have changed my screen saver again. 

My new Screen Saver!

Now, after my meltdown on Friday with the bad food choices and all I can proudly say that I am back on track with my food again.  As far as I am concerned this will always be my biggest challenge but if I can keep it in check I see some results.  And hopefully I will be able to workout again soon and fix any food problems that may come up!

So tomorrow is more of the same but at least I have some afternoon events that should keep me busy most of the night.  I would normally be super excited about the Finale of Biggest Loser but once again it is a 1 hour show.  The FINALE!!!!!  One hour!!!!!!  Really, how are we going to weigh in all the contestants and the finalist and pick a winner in an hour.  Hey NBC why don't you just put the numbers in a spreadsheet and post it online for us with some before and after pictures.  We are going to have to look it up online tomorrow anyway to get to see the contestants!  I wish they would let us know if this is going to be the new thing, one hour Biggest Loser and then the Voice.  If so I wont stress so much about being home on Tuesday nights, it only takes 41 minutes to watch an hour show.

Thanks for listening to me rant a little tonight, I feel soo much better now!  I'm going to hit the mattress now and read my new iBook!  My new Rest obsession, iBook!!!!  My sister has been talking about them for weeks and I just didn't understand the full extent of it until now.  I have always had one or two on there but now....too many!

Night all....until tomorrow.

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Wendie Haynes said...

Go ahead and rant away!!! I sooo feel the same way. My only guess...this was the most annoying season ever (conda) & the ratings plummeted because everyone who was smart (I'll exclude you in this statement but not me) stopped watching it!

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