Friday, April 20, 2012

Out of the Hospital...Hooray!!!!!

Our relationship gets better and better every day.  I posted about my ER visit and hospital stay and I don't know how much more personal you can get, but I think I might challenge that today.  First of all, thank you guys for the nice comments and well wishes.  It was so sweet to hear from you guys.

Hooray, I got out of the hospital this morning.  That is really the only good part of the whole hospital debacle.  See, this is whats going on.  The doc I saw in the ER was incredibly helpful and really understood Rhybdomyolsis, the doc I had on the cardiac floor, not so much.  The ER doc knew what was going on before he ever got my blood work back, got the fluids flowing, which is the main treatment, and got me admitted to keep receiving fluids.  (By the way, if y'all felt the need to Google this disease I should mention, I am not a drug user....that seems to be a big factor in people having this condition. I just needed that to be stated.)

I wasn't getting lots of answers from the doc on the floor, but the nurses were incredibly helpful.  They printed off information about my condition and helped me come up with questions to ask the doctor.  Well, when he came by this morning he was ready to get me out of the hospital, ready or not.  I was ready but I wanted all my levels to be normal, and although they were down they were not normal.  My blood levels were still about 8x what they should be but they had come down very much.  He also said some things that were in direct conflict with what the ER doc and google said.  So I have already made my follow up appointment so I can keep track of my blood levels to make sure everything is getting better.

I was sent home with the treatment of drink tons of water to keep flushing out the impurities, keep up the kidney function.  Basically, go home and drink until you pee every 5 seconds.  My preacher did a sermon the other day and we had to say aloud about certain situations that, "It could be worse" which is true and I have had to remind myself of that, OK sometimes my sister had to remind me of that a couple of times too.

Once I got home today I got the hospital off me (SHOWER!!!!) and me and got some errands done and some food in my belly.  If I could get some sleep I would be golden.  I'm staying with my daddy-o tonight just in case I need something....I'm not afraid to be alone tonight which is much more than I could say 2 days ago, just the comfort of dad after a hospital is just what the doc ordered.

I am so happy to be home!  I am happy to have an explanation of what is going on with my body! I am so grateful that for the first time since December my neck does not hurt!  I am happy to have that darn IV out of my hand, it was killing me!

I'm sure the band aid is not actually helping anything but it sure does make me feel better!

 I am hoping with some rest and re-hydration I can start to feel like me again!  I am so grateful for these things and I am trying to be ok and welcome the rest that is fixing to come my way for about a month, but I am having a hard time wrapping my head around that right now.   I have been so concerned about my weight gain over the past few months, very unexplained weight gain, which turns out to be a symptom of this condition, so hopefully I can get all these things regulated.  I just don't want to gain more weight since I am not going to be able to workout for a while. I need this weight to come off and I hope this rest will be the solution to that problem, as weird as that sounds.

Now I do have a little confusion, what am I going to talk about on my blog, TV!?!?!  I might have to get DVR now to cope with all this rest that is coming my way.  Wonder if I could deduct that as a tax write off as a medical expense!?  I know that my diet is going to have to be on time for the next few weeks, like it has been the last few weeks.  And I just pray for some results now!

I have to get back to all my water drinking now, Ill get back with you later! 

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Wendie Haynes said...

Glad to hear that you made it home! And thanks for reminding me that there is always someone out there who has it goal this week was to get my water in and I've been in the bathroom A LOT. Looks like you've got me beat. I feel better now. :-)

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