Monday, April 23, 2012

R-E-S-T Is a 4 Letter Word

Right now I am still enjoying my rest period, but I can see how this might get old really quick.  Lets see, its 9:30pm and I am in bed with my feet up watching TV with nothing left to do for tomorrow.  This is about the time I would get my bag out and start packing for Tuesday, which is one of my busiest days of the week.....but I have no bag to pack except for my lunch box! 

Instead, I'm in bed!  I'm just staying up until 10 because I think that is the grown up thing to do.  I did have a pretty busy day at work today but mainly because I was 2 days behind.  I kept thinking I was caught up and then something else would come across my desk.  It made the day scoot by pretty fast.

Once I got home I had a Relay for Life meeting, I had to clean the office (job 2) and I even ran by the gym to talk to my friends.  Yes, all my friends are at the gym!  There was a ballgame tonight but I just couldn't get that into my schedule, but I did manage to get all my other stuff done by 9pm.  Every time I thing about it being 9 and I'm done I chuckle just a little bit.

My focus right now is going to have to be the diet.  With little to no calorie burn I will have to keep my food in check.  I will definitely have to take in fewer calories.  I was at about 2200 calories a day on my big day and now I'm thinking I shouldn't top 1400 on my big day because I'm not burning any. 

Balance!  Its all about balance.  Work less, eat less, you know that is pretty funny coming from the tips of my fingers right?!  Balance, I'm the girl who develops the over use injury that poisons my own blood because I worked out too hard....although it is nice to know that I am working as hard as I thought I was! 

So I am really taking this rest thing seriously, even though I joke about it now, because I want to be back to normal, 100% soon! 

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