Friday, April 27, 2012

Random Thoughts Moments

I have all these things to tell you but none of them are important enough to actually get a post so I will lump them all together in no particular order.

1.  There is a gnat in my office, he has been here for 2 days and I cannot kill him, catch him, and he is DRIVING ME NUTS!!!!!

2.  This whole afternoon I have been in an amazing mood.  Yes the day is still moving so slow and I am pretty sure I will never meet 5:00!  It's getting so close.

3.  Today I realized that I spend entirely way too many lunch breaks at Kroger, it has actually become my lunch break hang out.  I don't have one in my town so I enjoy it for 1 hour a day.

4.  And today, I got hit on and flirted with by the check out boy!  I know right...he had to be over 18 cause it was in the middle of the day but he was still really young.  LOVE IT!

5.  In 2 days I have bought 12 bottles of Purell Hand Sanitizer.  Apparently they have changed the formula and no one likes the new kind so I am buying all the old I can Kroger!


6.  Every time I open my Facebook and there is a notification it excites me....then I open it and it says "______________ likes your status update."  Well I like it too, it was funny when I posted it!  I wish there was a "Me Too" button.

7.  I officially Wrong Number Texted someone today and I am soooooo thankful that it was my sister and not someone else.  It wasn't ugly or dirty or anything but embarrassing for sure!

8.  Now that spring/summer is upon us I am finding a whole new subset of places that I used to smoke that I no longer get to.  The ballpark and mowing the lawn are two places that used to be smoke friendly zones,  not so much anymore.  :(

9.  After weeks of making fun I am afraid that the phrase, "Cray Cray" is going to catch on.  Ive heard it twice in two days!

10.  I watched Big Bang Theory the other night and one of the characters was drinking Diet SunDrop.  That used to be a TN thing but not anymore!  woo hoo!

1 comment:

Yvonne R said...

The Big Bang Theory is one of our favorite shows...I didn't see the sundrop episode. Who was drinking it???

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