Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Up to Late to be Up to Early

I actually have to start with yesterday afternoon.  I didn't post last night because I got conned in to going to Wal-Mart with my sister, which put me in bed at a crazy late hour, which would have been ok except that this morning I had to be up at 5:00am.  I know I say it all the time but if the wake up time starts with a 5 it is just no good!

Yesterday we did actually get to get in out group run with my new running group.  I was pretty sure after seeing the radar that there was no way we were running unless we just wanted to get wet.

But once I got home it was still not raining so we headed out for 2.  Last week I was not loving my group because we walked the entire time.  I know that some weeks and some runs are harder than others, but after the 2 miles walk last week I was hoping and praying we could run some this week.

Well they came through for me.  We ran our intervals like we were supposed too.  I couldn't have been more happy.  I did have to get out my mean voice 2 or 3 times but I didn't have to get out the really mean voice. 

After the run I had a little bit of time before my show started to go to the gym.  So on the 2 mile trip to the gym I had all but talked myself out of going....but then I knew I would regret it if I didn't go.  So I pulled in and did the short workout from the other day.  I was happy that I did because I think it is helping with the soreness.  I am still very sore from kettlebells!!!!!!

I got home in time to see the last 45 minutes of Biggest Loser.  I missed the first 15 minutes thinking it was no big deal because I had another hour and 45 to go, but guess what...1 hour again!!!!  Really, I missed all the drama in the first 15.  Why are they doing the 1 hour show??  I feel like we are being cheated out of our show and next week will be an hour too.  I was happy that Kym made it to the finale, and I was beginning to like Conda just a little bit until she opened her big fat mouth.  I know she was wanting to defend her bro but there was no need to diss Kym, she has worked so hard!  Next week will be drama filled too, I can already tell.  I just hope they give us 2 hours for the finale, otherwise they will just be doing a ticker at the bottom of the screen for the at home contestants while they show the final 3 on the screen.

It was after 11 when I finally got in bed last night and I had to be up bright and freakin early today to go to the doctor.  And this was not a pleasant appointment, in fact this is the most unpleasant appointment every single year!  I went in for my yearly and I was prepared to ask him about THE area pain while he was all up in MY "area!"  He had no help on the stomach/chest/shoulder/neck pain and really didn't have any suggestions for me on what to do next. 

This is the most frustrating thing ever.  It sucks to just hurt and not know why.  I know a lot of my pain right now is soreness but I am frustrated.  I'm pretty sure if I keep trying to figure out what is wrong and going to more and more doctors I am going to get fired.  I have been to 5 different doctors in 4 months...and I should remind you that I have been at this job for 4 months.  Whats a girl to do?

I finally got back to work, late, but back and it has been non-stop since. 

Tonight, I have workout and choir practice and hopefully early bed time.  Since I have been writing this post I have been making plans that are making my bed time later and later.  Oh my, sleep how I have missed you!

Oh I forgot to tell you guys....yesterday I volunteered to be the team lead for my churches Relay for Life team.  That is just one more thing on the list of what is going on in my life.  This is the beginning so right now it is a little bit hectic.  I turned them down time and time again but I just couldn't say no any longer.  I do love this event and I love the cause I know Ill be there every step of the way so might as well lead.  Oh I hope this goes well.  Any of you out there in my area that are looking for a team to join we would love to have you, but if you are not close I do urge you to join up with someone and help raise money for the cause. 

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