Thursday, May 31, 2012

Email from Overly Honest Sister 2

Subject: Why I've GAINED 25 lbs???
I just ate this WHOLE box of doughnuts!!!!!!!?

This hurt me physically. So bad I might have to go to the ER from explosive laughter!!!!! The fact that it came with a photo, perfection!

Thought y'all might enjoy too. We've all been there!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5 Days, Only 5 Day

What all can happen in the 5 days that I have not!!!!  The list of what has and has not happened are both so long that I don't know where to start. 

Since Thursday things have gone crazy, first off, I have not worked out at all this week.  I worked out one week and again felt like I was having a heart attack.  I was sure the Rhabdo was back, or that I was having a heart attack....well I wasn't having a heart attack or rhabdo attack, I know because I went to the ER....again.  That I really don't want to talk about and since its my blog I am not going to talk about it. 

So on Friday I went to work even though I spent the majority of the night in the ER with my sister, she was so sweet to stay with me.  I was tired at work and embarrassed because I pretty much went to the hospital with a panic attack I guess, no real diagnosis.  By the time I got home on Friday night I was ready for some sleep.

I knew I better get some sleep where I could because I had a busy weekend coming up.  Our Relay for Life team was hosting a Pancake breakfast.  So I was in bed by 6...I woke up once to have a little dinner but right back to bed for me.  Early to bed early to rise, and up by 4am to get ready for some pancakes. 

Our pancake breakfast was amazingly successful and crowded considering it was Memorial Day weekend.  We raised bunches of money for the American Cancer Society and that is the main goal.  And once all the work was done it was time to enjoy a 3 day weekend.

Then the after the work was done and fun begins list is started....

1.  IT GOT HOT!  Like slap your mama hot.  Summer is upon us here in the south and I am not terribly happy about it.  I am to cheap to turn on my Air Conditioner (house or car) because I am paying off a 2 day hospital stay and 2 ER visits.  So I am freaking hot!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I am always hot anyway, summer or winter, so this is just miserable at this point.

2.  I spent most of Memorial Day in my sisters pool and have a pretty little sunburn to prove it.  I would really like to complain about my sunburn but my little pink shoulders don't compare to Sister 3's 3rd degree burns.  So I wont, my shoulders feel like I'm being licked by thousands of tiny puppies (with daggers on their tongues)

3.  My house is loud.  Because of the no AC thing I run the fans when I am home to keep the sweat from running down the back of my legs, cause lets just face it that's not sexy any time.


Forgive the unmade bed, but if I get the fans positioned just right I create a tiny Vortex that makes it possible to sleep in comfort. 

The bedside table has been taken over by the box fan cause its the best one!!!!

4.  I have neglected all my household duties.  I haven't unloaded or reloaded the dishwasher or done laundry for almost a week.  My clothes basket runneth over, and I have dressed for a whole week in my laundry room directly out of the dryer.

I have also not been grocery shopping in well over a week, which happened to collide with Operation Eat All The Crap in My House leaving me with such a sad situation....nothing to eat.

At least the water is cold, or it will be in the morning!

5.  In 2 days the main event for Relay for Life will be here and some of my crazy over obsessive stress can be gone away, just don't rain please please please, and I can stop making list of things to do and things to delegate.   I like being team leader but I wish I had had more time to get things together...I'm already looking forward to next year, I'm gonna be the best team leader ever next year!!!!!!!!!!

NO MORE LEGAL PADS!!!!  They are taking over my life!  They are everywhere and they are all full of lists of things to do and I need more than 2 days!

I think that pretty much catches you up on the last 5 days, there were not workouts in there because I'm trying to save my next ER visit for after Relay at least, I just need to workout but apparently I am going to have to adjust some things, some where, some how, I just don't know where yet....maybe Ill start a list of ideas!

My house is now in order with dishes and clothes washing so I think I can ease my mind enough to sleep.  I will hopefully not leave you with so many empty days again, and maybe I will have some Relay pics for you if I can remember to take them.

Y'all have a goodnight!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Over the Hump

The weekend is sooooooooo close I can smell it.  Its like getting to Southern Alabama and being able to smell the salt water, but I am not going to the beach so that is really a bad example.  I don't know why I am so excited about the weekend other than the fact that I wont be at work and my weekend might actually be relaxing.  Last weekend was crazy!

Yesterday was a good workout day for me.  Tuesday afternoon I did my workout and that was about it, I finished it.  I struggled through most of Tuesdays workout.  And once I finished my workout everything hurt....I was just really doubting if my workouts would ever be the same.

Then last night I went to the gym.  I did a short weights workout, both upper and lower body, and then I hit the road for a run.  I wanted to wait for later in the afternoon so it would be a little bit cooler, it was not, and if I waited long enough I could run to church for choir practice and not have to make it back or be rushed to get to my car and be on time. 

It was a good run.  I am still building back my stamina.  I can tell each day I'm doing better.  Last night I started my day during the day light, then when practice was over I had to run back to my car.  It was not that far back but it was dark and the sweet guys that I sing with didn't like me running in the dark.  One of the guys followed me for a while, then turned around and drove back by..."I see you!!!!"  It was sweet. 

I actually enjoyed the night time run.  I have done it a few times in my neighborhood but never on the highway. I stayed on the main road as to not be attacked and murdered since that kind of thing only happens at night.  The only bit of drama was the guy sitting on bench that was smoking.....I had to stop and punch him in the face out of jealousy but I soon got back to my run!  Amazingly enough I actually saw other people running at 8:30pm.  Who knew?  I was sure I would be the only one out at night!!

After my run/workout I felt so much better than I did the night before.  Yipee!!!! I was still sore and ready to be done for the night.  I went to my dad's and we watched the Revenge finale and had dinner together. 

I was sure I would sleep great, eh, not so much.  I was sure after 2 days of working out hard core I would be sleeping like a baby!  I miss going to bed at 10 and waking up at 5:30 for a workout, now its more like getting home at 10:30, bed at midnight and just praying that I don't oversleep for work!  I am a girl that values her sleep, that is for sure.

I have my workout clothes for tonight but right now I'm looking forward to my pajamas!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Top 10 Thoughts

There is no reason today for my Top 10, just one of those moments that I have one liners about everything but nothing to write a post about, so here goes....

1.  My handwriting changes depending on what kind of pen I am using.

2.  The winner of Dancing with the Stars was ruined for me when I opened my browser this morning...I didn't even mean to like it this season but I got drawn in during all the rest.

3.  Jillian Michaels has not one but 2 babies now.  Congrats to the new mom!  My obsession continues.

4.  There is a guy in my office that whistles the same tune everyday (10,000 times a day) but it is not an actual song, drives me bananas.

5.  I'm a little sad about Season Finales...this means 2 great weeks of TV followed by 3 months of nothing to watch on TV. 

6.  As much as I try I can never get my desk completely cleaned off.

7.  I am soon going to be able to finally review my Shower Pill product.  I wanted to weeks ago and then rest so hopefully soon.

8.  An enucleator is someone who removes another persons eyes.

9.  I am SORE!  My half hour workout last night has officially kicked my butt!

10.  Makes me Laugh every single time!


Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Babies, Workouts, and Ballgames

Ive been trying to blog between all my things today but I had no I start from scratch and tell you all about today and yesterday.

Yesterday was so eventful and I had no idea it was coming.  I got a message from my cousin/best bud in the whole wide world telling me that my cousin/nephew joined us in this world a few weeks before scheduled.  He is just beautiful and perfect.   I went up yesterday after work, skipping my workout with absolutely no guilt, and went to see a baby.  I have had the pleasure of having a baby named after me twice in my life, but I think I was too young the first time to realize what an honor it was but when I was told the baby was named after me my heart just melted.  I think it made it just that much more special! 

I only have 3 pictures right now so until we meet again this is all I have for you.  How precious is he!!!!!

So after a very late night and a late bedtime and the hope of getting up to workout but it did not happen for me, ok I felt a little guilty about skipping this mornings workout, and I was sure this afternoon would be no problem, I would get a workout in.  hahah.  I thought we had 2 games but it turns out there were 4 games, but thankfully I was at least given a little bit of notice before the second 2 games so I was able to run home and get a workout in.

This afternoon it had to be quick but it was very effective.  I was still feeling the workout a couple hours after it was over.  I am hoping I didn't over do it tonight, I am still a little nervous about this whole rhabdo thing and I surely don't want to have to go through all that again. 

Tonight I have gotten all my thing together for tomorrow, clothes, food, workout clothes, and more everything else I might need.  If I am feeling ok in the morning I'm going to try to swim and work some of the soreness out of my arms but I have weights and a short run planned for tomorrow afternoon.  Let's see how these plans workout!!!!!

Night all.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Plans Change Very Quick in my World

I talked about all the plans I had this afternoon and all the new things I was gonna do. Haha, boy did things change. Instead of a workout I got a baby!! Ok so he's not my baby but my best buds/cousins baby and he is named after me. So go figure I think he is pretty special!!!
I'll tell you all about my day tomorrow but right now I'm gonna go to bed cause Ive got to be up pretty early in the morning and get in 2 workouts. I'll just leave you with this...

Welcome to my iWorld baby!!!!!

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Trying New Things

I'm always looking to try new things and I have found 2 that I want to give a try right now.  I read about 3000 articles and 14 different blogs every week about exercise and diet and celebrities (I know not the point but it does go into the total) and I hear all kinds of new ideas.  I don't try everything I read but some really just trigger my interest.  So here are 2 that I will be trying over the next few weeks to see if they provide everything they promise.

POSE Running:  I'm still doing some research on this one, but it was introduced to me a few months ago from a fellow runner, See Jane Run, and I was intrigued but I didn't really understand the full concept.  So I have been doing some reading and I am going to give it a try now. 

Instead of a heel strike while running this one focuses on a mid-foot strike.  It involves a slight lean forward and allows gravity to help rather than the heel strike that actually pushes you backwards.

I don't know if it works or not but it has very high reviews online from what I have read so far.  I know this will be an adjustment since I have been running the same way for 28 years of my life. 

Now that I have my new cool fast running shoes I am going to have to run faster right!?!?

Lifting Weights in Vibrams 5 Fingers:  I read that lifting in 5 Fingers shoes makes the smaller muscles in your legs stronger because you have to stabilize your body and keep constant balance making all those little muscles work all the time. 

If I know I am only lifting a lot of times I will do that in my flip flops or something so not wearing sneakers is not the biggest deal but I am worried about dropping a weight on my foot and smashing some of those pretty little separated toes.  But that same concern is there when I wear flip flops so I really shouldn't get hung up on it. 

The article I read went on to say that strengthen these small muscles as well as the larger muscles in the legs will make me a better, faster, stronger runner!  I know the theme this Monday is Faster Stronger Faster which I think is a pretty good theme.

Ahhhh I Needed a Weekend!

This weekend was exactly what I needed!  Ill start with the most embarrassing part and just get that over with...on Saturday morning I woke up at 7am, but I wasn't quite ready to get up yet, so I went back to sleep and poof, I woke up 11am.  Other than teenagers and sick children who sleeps until 11?!?  haha, I still cant get over it, I never sleep that long, I might stay in bed until 11 but never sleep that long!  I'm still amazed, but I do know that I needed some sleep.

My house work was neglected last week so I finally got up and started cleaning house.  I did a couple thousand loads of laundry and got my house back in order then ran some errands around town.  I missed the opportunity to workout due to the 11am wake up call!!!!!  So once my day was done I was sitting on the couch and feeling a little bit guilty that I had not gotten a workout in.  So I laced up my running shoes, you know the ones, and hit the road.

I live in a pseudo-subdivision, its really only about 15 houses on a circle road, we don't have a club house or an association or anything.  For the most part people keep their critters tied up on inside so there is not a big worry about being chased by a dog and there is little to no traffic so its a pretty safe place to run.  Its one big circle almost exactly half a mile and somehow up hill both ways, with a really big hill on one side!  All in all a pretty good running ground. 

I have set up a mini gym in my garage, basically I just put all my workout stuff in one place and the only place it would all fit is in the garage.  So on Saturday night I ran the loop, then did some body weight exercises in the garage and out for another loop.  I started trying to beat my time and now it has become a little game.  So tonight I will try to beat it again.  I'm just glad I found this little game as it started getting hot outside. 

By the time I was done with my workout I was sweating like crazy!!!!   Oh how I have missed the sweat!

Tonight I have to do some weight training because I have let that slip, I usually do every few months or so but now that the afternoons are calming down a bit now that school is out I should be able to get to the gym at least 3 days a week to pick up heavy stuff like I need to! 

I am already getting excited about next weekend....this one was so good just imagine how much I will enjoy 3 days next week!!!!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

So Happy to See Friday on My Calendar!

This might just be the most amazing thing I have seen in 2 weeks.....

Several things we learn about this picture....I have no life cause I have no plans for a Friday night, I need to charge my iPhone, and I have paint on my computer!

You know what that means, this means that tonight when I get home from work I'm going to take off my work clothes, slip in to the most comfortable t-shirt and crawl into my bed and take a big big BIG fat nap!  Yep, you heard right, sleep at 5pm!  And I am looking so forward to it.  I actually posted a very mean comment on a friends facebook post because she got to sleep in this morning and was all on Facebook bragging about it, I showed her!

After my nap this afternoon I am going to go out for a run.  This will be the first day for me to take my new shoes out on the pavement, they have gone a few miles so far but that's it.  I'm really looking forward to it.  That's if my afternoon stays as is right now.  Things are subject to change at any moment, that is one of the up sides of having no plans on a Friday night.

I have talked all week long about how busy my week was and last night it was no longer busy and just became a happy and totally worth the lack of sleep.  I attended the second graduation this week and had the Aunt pride all over again.  The pride that causes my cheeks to hurt the next day cause of all the smiling.  Now we have one high school graduate and one kindergarten graduate!  Big Week!

I don't know what the weekend holds right now, but I am planning a few good workouts and lots of hours of sleep.  Hope you all enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


This week has been crazy busy, like December the week before Christmas busy!  I am just not sure there is enough time to do all the things that need to be done!  And on top of all that, I haven't posted, so I am going to take 10 minutes away from work and blog....its a sacrifice I am willing to make.  HA~

Let's weeks started off with an awards program at my baby's school and a senior recognition program.  My babies got so many awards that I took the morning off of work to come watch them, and then the senior asked me if I would sing the National Anthem at the Senior '12 recognition program.  It was a nice morning.  I got to listen to all the great things people say about my babies, its just like listening to all the voices in my own head.

Only one is blood but these are both my girls!  So proud!!!

After the morning off I did have to go back to work.  On Monday night all the ballgames got cancelled for bad weather so I was able to go home and get a lot of my weeks stuff done.  Then last night I had a kindergarten graduation, yes, 2 graduates in one week!!!! 

I told you I was busy.  But after graduation I got to do what I have been wanting to do for weeks......I WENT TO THE GYM!

Just so you know, if you walk into the gym and start taking pictures people start looking at you funny!

I knew the weekend and the week were going to be crazy so I have done my workouts at home and not un-froze my membership, but last night, I was back.  In the spirit of easing back in, I did 10 minutes on the treadmill and then some speed bike work.  It was amazing.  I really do miss my gym when I don't get to go!  I also got the chance to run in my new shoes and they were very comfortable.  This was a treadmill run so I will let you know more when I take them out on the open road but so far so good.....

Just in case you haven't seen them yet....

So tonight is one more event to add to the list, my whole week is like this!  Tonight we have the Relay for Life Spaghetti supper at my church.  I am hoping for a great turn out so we can raise loads of money for The Cancer Society.  This is my first year in charge and it causes me a bit of anxiety cause I want it to be perfect. 

I will another late night tonight and then tomorrow another graduation.  I am hoping to get a late workout in tonight and then a morning workout tomorrow.  I don't want this week to end up like the entire month of December when I didn't get to workout at all.  I am just going to have to make time to get to the gym even if I can only get in a short workout.  I have to workout!

I think I have caught up on the week and I'm sorry I'm just posting on Wednesday, I can do way better than that.  Ill just have to take more breaks to get my blogging in. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

All Friday

Let's just say, I have enjoyed this day, all 29 hours of it.  I have been awake since before 6 and I have been home for less than 30 minutes.  I was going to be all cool and say, "Oh Ill post tomorrow" but the way my weekend is looking it might be July before I get the chance to post again.

Let's see, today I overslept a little bit so I was rushed right off the bat.  I got ready pretty quickly but then when I got in my car I gas.  So what was a miracle that I got off on time but now a 10 minutes gas detour.  All was ok cause I still got to work on time!!!

My work day was very uneventful.  I was done with my work a good 2 hours before 5 o'clock but that doesn't mean I get to leave early.  :(  I stayed in my office and actually read my book for a while.  Just FYI if you are reading Fifty Shades of Grey its best not to read it at work unless you work at a brothel.  Anyway.....

Lunch:  I have been wanting to try this new place that I found right by where I work.  It is a Mexican joint inside what looks like and old feed store.  I was a little sceptical but I had no time to eat since I got my hair cut on my lunch hour (another story, but I cut it myself and had an emergency appt today to fix what I messed up) so this was as good a time as any.  Once I walked in it looked like any other restaurant so I was a little bit disappointed.  Sometimes the hole in the wall ends up being the best, but this was just like everyone else....or I thought until I started eating.  It was delicious and the salsa was amazing!!!  The salsa is the best part of any Mexican feast, and it was delicious.  Another brag I have for them was they gave me a small bag of chips, not the huge greasy bag.  It was just enough and I was not overstuffed.  

I did get to leave a little bit early, yeah Friday, but I had to run straight to the auditorium to do make up for a dance recital.  I do love doing make up for my babies and when its a dance recital I get to do drag fantastic makeup, and they never let me do that.  After the fun makeup part I had to sit through the 145 hour recital, not my favorite part.  And if one wasn't bad enough I get to go do it all again tomorrow!  I complain about it because its long, but then the 5 year old told me tonight when I do her make up tomorrow she wants it to be just like the 17 year olds was tonight.  When they say stuff like that it just makes my heart melt.  She wants to be just like the old one! 

Let me just brag on the 17 year old for a minute.   I could talk about her for hours but Ill try to sum it up. In less than one week she will be graduating from high school as the valedictorian.  She is such a good example to the little ones that I think they couldn't find a better one to look up too.  She is one of my running buddies, basically we both run cause she is way faster than me, but I have enjoyed having someone who loves it like I do even when no one else gets it.   Shes a pretty good girl and I am very proud.  I can say all these things and brag cause she is not my child!

OK I got way off topic....

Tomorrow is race day.  I have to be up bright and early and get to the race, but unfortunately I don't get to race.  Its really kinda funny.  I have been a coach of a running group that was training for this run but then 3 weeks ago I got put on rest and I really didn't think I would be off rest by the time this race came around.  I told her to put me on any job she wanted.  I was ready to work.  The best part is when I signed up for this race and running group coach I didn't know it was a trail so I am so happy that I don't have to run and that I get to keep the time clock!  Yeah!  And since I'm officially registered to run then I might just win since I'm keeping the clock too!

The weekend only keeps going with another dance recital, graduation/mother's day (cry fest) walk at church, and then more graduation stuff.  I might not be ready for this graduation thing like I thought.  Lets just get through them one at a time.

Me and my swollen tired legs are going to call it a night.  My full weekend starts early tomorrow morning so I have to go get in bed!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


For starters I know I already talked about them in the It's OK post but I feel the need to tell you about them again.  Last night my sister (sister 1) stopped me in Wal-Mart to give me a little present.  I watched her children for a week and got a present....woo hoo.  That's not why I did it but it was a nice bonus...Check out these bad boys!

Now you can imagine the look on the check out girls face when I came through with my frozen fruit and an Amazon box with shoes in it but that's not the point....I got my shoes!  I would have never gotten them for myself cause I don't know if they are good for running, they are expensive and I have medical bills to pay, but I am so happy to have them.  So happy that I laid in my bed last night with them on just so I could look at how pretty they are.

I wasn't kidding!  I would prove it more but I didn't have on any pants so to show more would have been a little too risque!

I have talked about these shoes in the past and now I think I'm going to have to live up to the promise I made myself.  I was sure when I finally got the cool bright shoes it would make me faster, like sub 7 minute mile marathon pace, and make me look cooler while sprinting down the street. 

Ill have to start with my 13 minute mile and work my way down now, in my new cool shoes, and that is possible because my doc called today and I CAN FINALLY WORKOUT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have my workout bag packed in the car but my new shoes aren't in it.  darn it!  I hope I can actually make it to the gym tonight but if not I will be there bright and early tomorrow morning.   Oh I cannot contain my excitement!  I am so ready to burn off some of this energy that has been building up inside me like a shaken Dr. Pepper can. 

I will admit that I am a little bit nervous about getting back to the gym.  I really don't want this to happen again but other than hydrating I don't know how to prevent it.  I wont spend the rest of my life doing boring workouts with low intensity, not by choice anyway.

Just get ready workout world...I'm BACK!!!

It's Ok Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

IT'S OK...............
...that it is Thursday and not Friday, cause I really want it to be Friday.

...that today the angry guy in the Black Expedition decided that he needed to flip me off for turning even though I had my blinker on and was following all traffic rules.

...that I killed a squirrel this morning.  I didn't mean to I promise.

...that my doctor still hasn't called me to release me to workout.  I'm beginning to get worried.  The results are good and I can workout or they are bad and they put me back in the hospital.  Either way this is a time sensitive matter.  And I really want to workout!!!!!!

...that I laid in bed last night in my new running shoes!!!!

...that my new running shoes are soooooooooo cute.  I have needed yellow ones for a while.  And I'm pretty sure these will make me faster and stronger and way more cool!!!!!!

...that every time I'm late for work there is a train.  Makes me even later.  And I have been on time ever day this week or early, then today 10 minutes late!  Dang it!

The reason I was late for work!

...that my dad thought this was appropriate to send me....after my separation from my cat.

...that I have watched the new 90210 from start to finish only to be let down that they are fixing to wrap up the next season and I am behind again.  Yes, 28 years old and watching 90210, I know.

...and amazing that today my fruit smoothie made the right amount for my cup.  Usually I make 3 times too much.  Its kinda like spaghetti, I always make way to much of that too.

...that I accidentally submitted my name twice on the Link up to Neely.  Sorry!

See guys its all ok!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Major MILESTONE!!!!!!!!!!

I AM TOOOOOOO EXCITED FOR WORDS, But you know I have some.  Thanks guys we have reached a new milestone that I couldn't be happier about!!!!!  Today the blog hit 100,000 hits.

Thanks guys for sticking in there with me.  Here's to 100,000 more!!!!

And I have a present for you....

Just run to your local bakery and buy a cookie to celebrate with me!

Monday was Full of Disappointments and Injury

Ok so neither the Injuries or Disappointments were big or really mattered at all in the grand scheme of life but my whole day was full of them.

For starters I just knew I was going to hear from my doc yesterday, so much so that I kept my phone on me all day long, even in the bathroom.  I wasn't going to let it out of my site.  I knew I was going to get to workout yesterday afternoon, so much so that I actually packed my workout bag.

I know you are wondering why I need two bags to go to the gym, one is the workout bag the other is my spend the night bag for my sisters house.  Dr. FatGirl thinks that I will be staying again this week so I am ready this time. 

But I never heard from my doc so no workout yesterday afternoon.  And I didn't get to see my cat!  :(

Disappointment #2:  On my way to work yesterday I realized that I am going to have to start wearing lip stick full time.  My lips just look so washed out.  I know, its not tragic or anything but I want my lips to be beautifully pink and they are not anymore.

Disappointment #3: When I got home my Internet was down so I couldn't blog and tell you all about my disappointments day!


1.  On Sunday I hurt my knee and my feelings all in one instant.  One of my greatest fears was finally realized and I survived it.  While walking up on the stage at church I tripped and fell!!!!  Yep!  You read right, I tripped and fell right there in front of the church.  In my defense it was before church started THANK GOODNESS, but there were still lots of people there that witnessed the entire ordeal.  In an attempt not to break my nose I fell directly on my knees.   All day long my knee hurt soo bad, but no bad enough to keep me from playing.

I played in the yard with some of my nieces and nephews and engaged in a little back yard volleyball.  I was pretty sure by the time I went to bed that I would have a big swollen knee and bruise the next morning.  To my surprise my knee was perfectly fine the next day, just a little sore to the touch but not swollen or anything...

but I did manage to have a Backyard Volleyball injury.  My right arm has now been deemed useless.  I must have thrown it out playing.  I can move it fine below the elbow but from elbow to shoulder, nothing!

Because the injuries are funny they don't hurt as bad and they don't really count as injuries in the full meaning of the word, but still worth mentioning. 

I know I joke about the disappointments and injuries but I really had a pretty good day yesterday. Work moved by pretty quickly, only one ballgame that we won, and I was in bed way before midnight with all my stuff done. Today I am again walking around with my cell phone stuck to my hand in hope of a call, if I don't hear by 3 I'm calling them. I still have my workout bag in the car ready to go!

Here's to Tuesday being a little better than Monday!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Doc Follow-up and Happy Cinco De Mayo

I was going to make y'all wait for the results of my doc appointment as long as I had to wait for the doc.  As you all know Ive been a little crazy this week with watching children and work and the whole deal.  So on Thursday when I was making my plans for the day I thought I would just get in and out of the doc in an hour...hahahaha.

Usually, I don't have to wait so long, but this visit the doc had a new computer system that no one could get worked out correctly so they were so far behind and I was in the office for just over 2 hours!!!!  I have a good looking doc so the wait was worth it, I actually have the best looking docs a girl could ask for!  They are all pretty good looking, apparently that is a requirement for me!

Luckily my doc had not only heard of Rhabdo but he was actually familiar with it.  His father -in-law actually had it so he was very sympathetic towards this...and the fact that he is an avid swimmer made him sympathetic to the fact that I was going nuts without working out. 

You know I got really lucky as far as the whole REST thing went.  Week one was tough but do-able but week 2 was shaping up to be a pain in the butt, until I got to take care of the kids and I haven't had a second to sit down and eat much less workout.  But I digress.....

The doc said that I could workout again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Under 1 condition, I had to do one more blood draw to make sure all my numbers were ok.  I was finally getting rid of the IV drug user track marks but now I have a new hole, yippee.  I should know on Monday if I am able to go back to the gym.  I was never good at test but I really feel like I can pass this one! 

Today I have taken advantage of a lazy day.  I know its amazing that I needed a lazy day since I haven't been able to workout but I have been a bit sleep deprived and in need of my own bed so I took advantage.  I spent the majority of my day in bed.  I woke up early cause my body decided that 5:45 was a normal hour to be awake, but I was sure that my body was not ready to be awake yet so I stayed in bed until I went back to sleep.  I woke up again at 7 which was much more acceptable.  Then I went to get some breakfast and back in the bed to eat it!  hahahah.  I have attempted to catch up on a weeks worth of TV and drank plenty of water. 

The blood is already in the vial but I am still drinking my water in hopes of good blood results.  I did remove my butt from the bed today to go watch a baseball game and to go eat dinner, and I even cleaned the house in small spurts, but mostly bed, which is exactly what I am going to do one more time today!

Have a good weekend and a Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Its Ok Thursdays

I really hope you enjoy this today because I find it hysterical.  Ok maybe that is lack of sleep talking but it is still so funny to me.

It's OK....

...that I missed all my stories last night because they will play them all online today.

...that I just had to take a break 2 lines into this post to go get my glasses out of the car cause I officially cannot see!  I'm getting old!

...that I am taking a lunch break today to go buy a lint roller.  I was going to work through but nah!

...that for the last 2 days I have fed the children in my care breakfast from a gas station.  They like it and it saves boo-coos of time.

...that my sisters house is like the freakin wild kingdom with creatures everywhere and that I have fallen in love with the cat. 

A break, 30 seconds to eat a ice cream sandwich and love the cat a little bit.

Getting ready for bed!!!  hahahahahah!  I cant even take this seriously!

I only post these because they have cracked my sisters up this week.  I'm becoming the old cat lady.  I can just see it now.  In 30 years Ill be sitting on my front porch in a rocker in a tear stained wedding dress that is tattered at the bottom where the cats have scratched at it!!!!!!! 

...that I hate the damn dog and have to stop myself from taking the .22 out of my purse and shooting the stupid Son of a B#*!% every single time I walk outside.  We have NOT bonded!!!

...that I have not flossed in 2 days. is my doc appt and I am incredibly excited about it because I might get to workout again!!!!  Oh I hope so.

...that I passed off frozen Orange Juice as an Emily Speciality to the kids like I do Emily's World Famous Fruit Bowl.

...that I must stop blogging and actually get back to work. 

Have a good day guys!!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"Hurry" Biggest Loser "Hurry" Review "Hurry Hurry Hurry"

I'm back!  Sorry I couldn't post last night, I actually didn't even get on the Internet other than to look up a Bull Shark (Ill explain later) because I was afraid that someone would tell me who won Biggest Loser and I didn't want anyone to ruin it for me.  So I turned off facebook, twitter, and the Internet in general.  And guess what!!?!?!  I made it, no one and nothing polluted my brain. This morning, first thing, BL!!!

This is seriously how I opened my browser this morning just to make sure I couldn't see the picture.  Remember last time had the eliminated person on the home screen!  Not this time!!

Let's start with Biggest Loser:

Did anyone else feel like this was a huge RUSH!  The first 10 minutes I needed to take some anti-anxiety medication because I felt stressed out.  Here are the eliminated contestants and they all ran on stage then ran back off to go change clothes, then they came back out in groups of 4, ran up on the scale and ran back down.  Hurry hurry hurry!  Not video clips of the season, maybe just a mention of something that happened in the last 7 months.  (Teal team walking up a lot of steps)

I kinda felt bad for them, they were kinda cheated compared to other seasons.  We watched 56 video recaps of Courtney working at DQ but not one video reminder of the season with these guys!

Now that being said some of these guys looked GREAT.  Cassandra, Emily and Lauren looked amazing.  The percentages were not as good as seasons past but the contestants were smaller this year so that actually was ok!

Now one thing about this super short finale that was the same as the years past.  Everyone still had on super duper tight clothes, including Allison Sweeney!  Wow!  They get tighter every time, eventually someone is going to bust a seem.  My favorite dress of the night was Cassandra and the loose fitting brown dress!  I thought Jeremy looked so uncomfortable in his child's suit, he had to be looking forward to the workout clothes. I know the clothes have nothing to do with the actual show but this is their big reveal, you know they want to look good!  Just because a 4 will stretch over your body doesn't mean a 6 wouldn't look better!

All in all, I'm really glad this season is over.  I look forward to the next one and hopefully we can get our time back.  If not then I'm going to have to start watching the Voice too so I don't have so much hate for it since it took my BL time. 

Congrats Jeremy, you lost the most weight!  haha!

Ok the rest of my night was a little different than normal but nothing over the top.  It went mostly as planned other than not getting to watch the Biggest Loser.  My sister had surgery on Monday but had to stay another night in the hospital so I got to be Miss Mom again.  It was pretty simple this time, other than realizing that I cannot help with 8th grade homework and I know nothing about a Bull Shark, including color.  I already passed 4th and 8th grade so I don't think I have to know that stuff I did rock out the 2nd grade math, counting money, homework.  I'm sure my boss here in the accounting department would be very proud of that.  What can I say, I peaked in 2nd grade.

This morning was a little tougher than in the past.  The last time I kept the kids I didn't have to be at work at 8am.  I had to get up 30 mins before the childrens to get myself ready, then kids, then hopefully still get to work on time.  I got them to school on time, clean and fed, and I got to work almost on time. (don't tell them I snuck in when no one was looking) 

I say it every time...I love doing it and all I want to be when I grow up is a Mom so I'm really just playing.

Good thing I had something to fill up the space with since I don't have a workout to talk more day then maybe?!?!?!  Wish me luck on that!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


2 Days until the doc appointment, 2 days until I know if I can workout, 2 days until I get to leave work early!!!!!! Ok I got that out of my system.

That actually reminds me of the opening of Bridget Jones diary so I'll continue the trend. 

Weight:  Way too much and got to come down
Drinks:  0 so far today and it will end that way too
Cigarettes:  smoked 0; wanted 19,848,038,948!

Work: If I find out who did it I will personally make them eat the entire dozen. Someone dropped these off today at work.... TWO DOZEN chocolate, glazed, sprinkle filled doughnuts. Now these are not my favorite but I could have eaten the entire box today!!!! But Proud Mama Moment I didn't eat one, not even a bite, not even a nibble....VICTORY IS MINE!!!!! I am super focused on the food, like crazy obsessed focused on the food right now!

I have not been overwhelmed at work today so I have done a little bit of online shopping and a little bit of magazine shopping. Basically I have some really full shopping carts but no new stuff. I really like to shop in person and not online, but what I want is online because no one around me actually carries them. I really want to try some of the compression socks. I read several running blogs and lots of the girls I read wear them and I think if I have some I will be running 3 hour marathons too.

Apparently they really do help with circulation and soreness and I could use help with both, but I am starting at the very beginning. with these. I don't know what brand to buy and they are expensive so I don't really want to try out 4 or 5 different pairs. But really how cute are they! If you have any advice on these I would gladly accept it. What brand? What kind? Anyone....

Not Just for Old People anymore!!!!

I haven't worn knee socks in years, since high school basketball really, but I just need to try these.
I have also found a new paleo "almost" friendly snack. I found a planters trail mix this morning that has nuts and seeds as well as dried fruit in it. The only unfriendly thing in the mix is peanuts. Did you know that peanuts are not actually nuts!? I know, who knew!

I can already hear my sisters mocking me. Eating nuts and berries and such, but they know I eat some weird stuff. Actually in Sunday School this week I was eating a piece of coffee cake and I didn't care for it so I gave it to my sister, she said "Of course you wouldn't like it, it has butter and sugar and flavor!" Smarty pants. This Trail Mix is actually pretty good. I didn't know that I liked pumpkin seeds and really only ate one by accident, I just thought it was a big sunflower seed. And its not too salty. Sometimes these mixes are just too salty even for me, and I can do some damage on the salt front. Over all very good snack that I will probably eat again!

That's just my morning for ya so there may be another post this evening. I have running group, ballgames and Biggest Loser finale tonight so maybe I can find something to talk about...maybe.

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