Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5 Days, Only 5 Day

What all can happen in the 5 days that I have not!!!!  The list of what has and has not happened are both so long that I don't know where to start. 

Since Thursday things have gone crazy, first off, I have not worked out at all this week.  I worked out one week and again felt like I was having a heart attack.  I was sure the Rhabdo was back, or that I was having a heart attack....well I wasn't having a heart attack or rhabdo attack, I know because I went to the ER....again.  That I really don't want to talk about and since its my blog I am not going to talk about it. 

So on Friday I went to work even though I spent the majority of the night in the ER with my sister, she was so sweet to stay with me.  I was tired at work and embarrassed because I pretty much went to the hospital with a panic attack I guess, no real diagnosis.  By the time I got home on Friday night I was ready for some sleep.

I knew I better get some sleep where I could because I had a busy weekend coming up.  Our Relay for Life team was hosting a Pancake breakfast.  So I was in bed by 6...I woke up once to have a little dinner but right back to bed for me.  Early to bed early to rise, and up by 4am to get ready for some pancakes. 

Our pancake breakfast was amazingly successful and crowded considering it was Memorial Day weekend.  We raised bunches of money for the American Cancer Society and that is the main goal.  And once all the work was done it was time to enjoy a 3 day weekend.

Then the after the work was done and fun begins list is started....

1.  IT GOT HOT!  Like slap your mama hot.  Summer is upon us here in the south and I am not terribly happy about it.  I am to cheap to turn on my Air Conditioner (house or car) because I am paying off a 2 day hospital stay and 2 ER visits.  So I am freaking hot!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I am always hot anyway, summer or winter, so this is just miserable at this point.

2.  I spent most of Memorial Day in my sisters pool and have a pretty little sunburn to prove it.  I would really like to complain about my sunburn but my little pink shoulders don't compare to Sister 3's 3rd degree burns.  So I wont, my shoulders feel like I'm being licked by thousands of tiny puppies (with daggers on their tongues)

3.  My house is loud.  Because of the no AC thing I run the fans when I am home to keep the sweat from running down the back of my legs, cause lets just face it that's not sexy any time.


Forgive the unmade bed, but if I get the fans positioned just right I create a tiny Vortex that makes it possible to sleep in comfort. 

The bedside table has been taken over by the box fan cause its the best one!!!!

4.  I have neglected all my household duties.  I haven't unloaded or reloaded the dishwasher or done laundry for almost a week.  My clothes basket runneth over, and I have dressed for a whole week in my laundry room directly out of the dryer.

I have also not been grocery shopping in well over a week, which happened to collide with Operation Eat All The Crap in My House leaving me with such a sad situation....nothing to eat.

At least the water is cold, or it will be in the morning!

5.  In 2 days the main event for Relay for Life will be here and some of my crazy over obsessive stress can be gone away, just don't rain please please please, and I can stop making list of things to do and things to delegate.   I like being team leader but I wish I had had more time to get things together...I'm already looking forward to next year, I'm gonna be the best team leader ever next year!!!!!!!!!!

NO MORE LEGAL PADS!!!!  They are taking over my life!  They are everywhere and they are all full of lists of things to do and I need more than 2 days!

I think that pretty much catches you up on the last 5 days, there were not workouts in there because I'm trying to save my next ER visit for after Relay at least, I just need to workout but apparently I am going to have to adjust some things, some where, some how, I just don't know where yet....maybe Ill start a list of ideas!

My house is now in order with dishes and clothes washing so I think I can ease my mind enough to sleep.  I will hopefully not leave you with so many empty days again, and maybe I will have some Relay pics for you if I can remember to take them.

Y'all have a goodnight!

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