Saturday, May 12, 2012

All Friday

Let's just say, I have enjoyed this day, all 29 hours of it.  I have been awake since before 6 and I have been home for less than 30 minutes.  I was going to be all cool and say, "Oh Ill post tomorrow" but the way my weekend is looking it might be July before I get the chance to post again.

Let's see, today I overslept a little bit so I was rushed right off the bat.  I got ready pretty quickly but then when I got in my car I gas.  So what was a miracle that I got off on time but now a 10 minutes gas detour.  All was ok cause I still got to work on time!!!

My work day was very uneventful.  I was done with my work a good 2 hours before 5 o'clock but that doesn't mean I get to leave early.  :(  I stayed in my office and actually read my book for a while.  Just FYI if you are reading Fifty Shades of Grey its best not to read it at work unless you work at a brothel.  Anyway.....

Lunch:  I have been wanting to try this new place that I found right by where I work.  It is a Mexican joint inside what looks like and old feed store.  I was a little sceptical but I had no time to eat since I got my hair cut on my lunch hour (another story, but I cut it myself and had an emergency appt today to fix what I messed up) so this was as good a time as any.  Once I walked in it looked like any other restaurant so I was a little bit disappointed.  Sometimes the hole in the wall ends up being the best, but this was just like everyone else....or I thought until I started eating.  It was delicious and the salsa was amazing!!!  The salsa is the best part of any Mexican feast, and it was delicious.  Another brag I have for them was they gave me a small bag of chips, not the huge greasy bag.  It was just enough and I was not overstuffed.  

I did get to leave a little bit early, yeah Friday, but I had to run straight to the auditorium to do make up for a dance recital.  I do love doing make up for my babies and when its a dance recital I get to do drag fantastic makeup, and they never let me do that.  After the fun makeup part I had to sit through the 145 hour recital, not my favorite part.  And if one wasn't bad enough I get to go do it all again tomorrow!  I complain about it because its long, but then the 5 year old told me tonight when I do her make up tomorrow she wants it to be just like the 17 year olds was tonight.  When they say stuff like that it just makes my heart melt.  She wants to be just like the old one! 

Let me just brag on the 17 year old for a minute.   I could talk about her for hours but Ill try to sum it up. In less than one week she will be graduating from high school as the valedictorian.  She is such a good example to the little ones that I think they couldn't find a better one to look up too.  She is one of my running buddies, basically we both run cause she is way faster than me, but I have enjoyed having someone who loves it like I do even when no one else gets it.   Shes a pretty good girl and I am very proud.  I can say all these things and brag cause she is not my child!

OK I got way off topic....

Tomorrow is race day.  I have to be up bright and early and get to the race, but unfortunately I don't get to race.  Its really kinda funny.  I have been a coach of a running group that was training for this run but then 3 weeks ago I got put on rest and I really didn't think I would be off rest by the time this race came around.  I told her to put me on any job she wanted.  I was ready to work.  The best part is when I signed up for this race and running group coach I didn't know it was a trail so I am so happy that I don't have to run and that I get to keep the time clock!  Yeah!  And since I'm officially registered to run then I might just win since I'm keeping the clock too!

The weekend only keeps going with another dance recital, graduation/mother's day (cry fest) walk at church, and then more graduation stuff.  I might not be ready for this graduation thing like I thought.  Lets just get through them one at a time.

Me and my swollen tired legs are going to call it a night.  My full weekend starts early tomorrow morning so I have to go get in bed!

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