Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Babies, Workouts, and Ballgames

Ive been trying to blog between all my things today but I had no luck....so I start from scratch and tell you all about today and yesterday.

Yesterday was so eventful and I had no idea it was coming.  I got a message from my cousin/best bud in the whole wide world telling me that my cousin/nephew joined us in this world a few weeks before scheduled.  He is just beautiful and perfect.   I went up yesterday after work, skipping my workout with absolutely no guilt, and went to see a baby.  I have had the pleasure of having a baby named after me twice in my life, but I think I was too young the first time to realize what an honor it was but when I was told the baby was named after me my heart just melted.  I think it made it just that much more special! 

I only have 3 pictures right now so until we meet again this is all I have for you.  How precious is he!!!!!

So after a very late night and a late bedtime and the hope of getting up to workout but it did not happen for me, ok I felt a little guilty about skipping this mornings workout, and I was sure this afternoon would be no problem, I would get a workout in.  hahah.  I thought we had 2 games but it turns out there were 4 games, but thankfully I was at least given a little bit of notice before the second 2 games so I was able to run home and get a workout in.

This afternoon it had to be quick but it was very effective.  I was still feeling the workout a couple hours after it was over.  I am hoping I didn't over do it tonight, I am still a little nervous about this whole rhabdo thing and I surely don't want to have to go through all that again. 

Tonight I have gotten all my thing together for tomorrow, clothes, food, workout clothes, and more everything else I might need.  If I am feeling ok in the morning I'm going to try to swim and work some of the soreness out of my arms but I have weights and a short run planned for tomorrow afternoon.  Let's see how these plans workout!!!!!

Night all.

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