Saturday, May 5, 2012

Doc Follow-up and Happy Cinco De Mayo

I was going to make y'all wait for the results of my doc appointment as long as I had to wait for the doc.  As you all know Ive been a little crazy this week with watching children and work and the whole deal.  So on Thursday when I was making my plans for the day I thought I would just get in and out of the doc in an hour...hahahaha.

Usually, I don't have to wait so long, but this visit the doc had a new computer system that no one could get worked out correctly so they were so far behind and I was in the office for just over 2 hours!!!!  I have a good looking doc so the wait was worth it, I actually have the best looking docs a girl could ask for!  They are all pretty good looking, apparently that is a requirement for me!

Luckily my doc had not only heard of Rhabdo but he was actually familiar with it.  His father -in-law actually had it so he was very sympathetic towards this...and the fact that he is an avid swimmer made him sympathetic to the fact that I was going nuts without working out. 

You know I got really lucky as far as the whole REST thing went.  Week one was tough but do-able but week 2 was shaping up to be a pain in the butt, until I got to take care of the kids and I haven't had a second to sit down and eat much less workout.  But I digress.....

The doc said that I could workout again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Under 1 condition, I had to do one more blood draw to make sure all my numbers were ok.  I was finally getting rid of the IV drug user track marks but now I have a new hole, yippee.  I should know on Monday if I am able to go back to the gym.  I was never good at test but I really feel like I can pass this one! 

Today I have taken advantage of a lazy day.  I know its amazing that I needed a lazy day since I haven't been able to workout but I have been a bit sleep deprived and in need of my own bed so I took advantage.  I spent the majority of my day in bed.  I woke up early cause my body decided that 5:45 was a normal hour to be awake, but I was sure that my body was not ready to be awake yet so I stayed in bed until I went back to sleep.  I woke up again at 7 which was much more acceptable.  Then I went to get some breakfast and back in the bed to eat it!  hahahah.  I have attempted to catch up on a weeks worth of TV and drank plenty of water. 

The blood is already in the vial but I am still drinking my water in hopes of good blood results.  I did remove my butt from the bed today to go watch a baseball game and to go eat dinner, and I even cleaned the house in small spurts, but mostly bed, which is exactly what I am going to do one more time today!

Have a good weekend and a Happy Cinco De Mayo!

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