Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's Ok Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

IT'S OK...............
...that it is Thursday and not Friday, cause I really want it to be Friday.

...that today the angry guy in the Black Expedition decided that he needed to flip me off for turning even though I had my blinker on and was following all traffic rules.

...that I killed a squirrel this morning.  I didn't mean to I promise.

...that my doctor still hasn't called me to release me to workout.  I'm beginning to get worried.  The results are good and I can workout or they are bad and they put me back in the hospital.  Either way this is a time sensitive matter.  And I really want to workout!!!!!!

...that I laid in bed last night in my new running shoes!!!!

...that my new running shoes are soooooooooo cute.  I have needed yellow ones for a while.  And I'm pretty sure these will make me faster and stronger and way more cool!!!!!!

...that every time I'm late for work there is a train.  Makes me even later.  And I have been on time ever day this week or early, then today 10 minutes late!  Dang it!

The reason I was late for work!

...that my dad thought this was appropriate to send me....after my separation from my cat.

...that I have watched the new 90210 from start to finish only to be let down that they are fixing to wrap up the next season and I am behind again.  Yes, 28 years old and watching 90210, I know.

...and amazing that today my fruit smoothie made the right amount for my cup.  Usually I make 3 times too much.  Its kinda like spaghetti, I always make way to much of that too.

...that I accidentally submitted my name twice on the Link up to Neely.  Sorry!

See guys its all ok!

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