Thursday, May 3, 2012


Its Ok Thursdays

I really hope you enjoy this today because I find it hysterical.  Ok maybe that is lack of sleep talking but it is still so funny to me.

It's OK....

...that I missed all my stories last night because they will play them all online today.

...that I just had to take a break 2 lines into this post to go get my glasses out of the car cause I officially cannot see!  I'm getting old!

...that I am taking a lunch break today to go buy a lint roller.  I was going to work through but nah!

...that for the last 2 days I have fed the children in my care breakfast from a gas station.  They like it and it saves boo-coos of time.

...that my sisters house is like the freakin wild kingdom with creatures everywhere and that I have fallen in love with the cat. 

A break, 30 seconds to eat a ice cream sandwich and love the cat a little bit.

Getting ready for bed!!!  hahahahahah!  I cant even take this seriously!

I only post these because they have cracked my sisters up this week.  I'm becoming the old cat lady.  I can just see it now.  In 30 years Ill be sitting on my front porch in a rocker in a tear stained wedding dress that is tattered at the bottom where the cats have scratched at it!!!!!!! 

...that I hate the damn dog and have to stop myself from taking the .22 out of my purse and shooting the stupid Son of a B#*!% every single time I walk outside.  We have NOT bonded!!!

...that I have not flossed in 2 days. is my doc appt and I am incredibly excited about it because I might get to workout again!!!!  Oh I hope so.

...that I passed off frozen Orange Juice as an Emily Speciality to the kids like I do Emily's World Famous Fruit Bowl.

...that I must stop blogging and actually get back to work. 

Have a good day guys!!!!


The Crazy Fat said...

I like that you bought a lent [sic] roller. Is that like a torture device designed to keep you from breaking your Lenten vow? It's after Easter, so you probably don't need it until next year...but what an invention.

Also - gas station breakfast always equaled pop tarts for me. Probably not healthy?

Emily said...

haha thanks for that. Those vowels get soooo confusing!!!!! I hate that spell check does not catch that kind of error.

You think I would take that down because I made a spelling error but that happens about 23% of the time so its not embarrassing anymore!

I needed a chuckle today!

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