Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Monday was Full of Disappointments and Injury

Ok so neither the Injuries or Disappointments were big or really mattered at all in the grand scheme of life but my whole day was full of them.

For starters I just knew I was going to hear from my doc yesterday, so much so that I kept my phone on me all day long, even in the bathroom.  I wasn't going to let it out of my site.  I knew I was going to get to workout yesterday afternoon, so much so that I actually packed my workout bag.

I know you are wondering why I need two bags to go to the gym, one is the workout bag the other is my spend the night bag for my sisters house.  Dr. FatGirl thinks that I will be staying again this week so I am ready this time. 

But I never heard from my doc so no workout yesterday afternoon.  And I didn't get to see my cat!  :(

Disappointment #2:  On my way to work yesterday I realized that I am going to have to start wearing lip stick full time.  My lips just look so washed out.  I know, its not tragic or anything but I want my lips to be beautifully pink and they are not anymore.

Disappointment #3: When I got home my Internet was down so I couldn't blog and tell you all about my disappointments day!


1.  On Sunday I hurt my knee and my feelings all in one instant.  One of my greatest fears was finally realized and I survived it.  While walking up on the stage at church I tripped and fell!!!!  Yep!  You read right, I tripped and fell right there in front of the church.  In my defense it was before church started THANK GOODNESS, but there were still lots of people there that witnessed the entire ordeal.  In an attempt not to break my nose I fell directly on my knees.   All day long my knee hurt soo bad, but no bad enough to keep me from playing.

I played in the yard with some of my nieces and nephews and engaged in a little back yard volleyball.  I was pretty sure by the time I went to bed that I would have a big swollen knee and bruise the next morning.  To my surprise my knee was perfectly fine the next day, just a little sore to the touch but not swollen or anything...

but I did manage to have a Backyard Volleyball injury.  My right arm has now been deemed useless.  I must have thrown it out playing.  I can move it fine below the elbow but from elbow to shoulder, nothing!

Because the injuries are funny they don't hurt as bad and they don't really count as injuries in the full meaning of the word, but still worth mentioning. 

I know I joke about the disappointments and injuries but I really had a pretty good day yesterday. Work moved by pretty quickly, only one ballgame that we won, and I was in bed way before midnight with all my stuff done. Today I am again walking around with my cell phone stuck to my hand in hope of a call, if I don't hear by 3 I'm calling them. I still have my workout bag in the car ready to go!

Here's to Tuesday being a little better than Monday!

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