Friday, May 18, 2012

So Happy to See Friday on My Calendar!

This might just be the most amazing thing I have seen in 2 weeks.....

Several things we learn about this picture....I have no life cause I have no plans for a Friday night, I need to charge my iPhone, and I have paint on my computer!

You know what that means, this means that tonight when I get home from work I'm going to take off my work clothes, slip in to the most comfortable t-shirt and crawl into my bed and take a big big BIG fat nap!  Yep, you heard right, sleep at 5pm!  And I am looking so forward to it.  I actually posted a very mean comment on a friends facebook post because she got to sleep in this morning and was all on Facebook bragging about it, I showed her!

After my nap this afternoon I am going to go out for a run.  This will be the first day for me to take my new shoes out on the pavement, they have gone a few miles so far but that's it.  I'm really looking forward to it.  That's if my afternoon stays as is right now.  Things are subject to change at any moment, that is one of the up sides of having no plans on a Friday night.

I have talked all week long about how busy my week was and last night it was no longer busy and just became a happy and totally worth the lack of sleep.  I attended the second graduation this week and had the Aunt pride all over again.  The pride that causes my cheeks to hurt the next day cause of all the smiling.  Now we have one high school graduate and one kindergarten graduate!  Big Week!

I don't know what the weekend holds right now, but I am planning a few good workouts and lots of hours of sleep.  Hope you all enjoy the weekend!

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