Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Letters


Dear Anna and Erin:  Please come home soon.  I need some workout buddies!  And please never leave again at the same time.

Dear Beth:  Thank you for being equally obsessed with Cross Fit as I am and for conspiring punishment for Erin and Anna while they have been out of town.

Dear Paula Deen:  Ha, apparently I wasn't the only one pissed off about you making the cover of People magazine and you pissed off others as well.  I do love it when people agree with me.

Dear Dr. Chiro:  Thank you so much for meeting me at the office late and night and trying to cure my "Area" but if you ever hurt me like you did last night I might have to pull your heart out with my bare hands and feed it too you! (just typing that made me giggle out loud)  I love my chiro!

Dear Other Friday Letter Peeps:  What time do y'all get up in the morning to post on this link up because its 8:30 here and I?m way behind the times?

Dear Rockin Mama:  Your blog has cracked me up for the last few days.  Thanks for commenting so I knew you existed.  I love when a blog comes with a disclaimer! (and it should the language is terrible, you've been warned)

Dear 4th Of July:  Thanks for coming on a Wednesday this year so I get a day off work in the middle of the week!!!!

Dear Weekend:  I know you are gonna be hot and I am ready for you anyway.  But if one other person sends me a picture of the 5 day forecast I might lose my mind.

Dear Facebook Friends:  You can stop posing pictures of the weather too.

Dear Fruit Ninja:  Thanks for being so fun, and I am sorry I forgot about you.  I have neglected you for months now because I forgot all the joy you bring into my life.

Dear Spell Check on Blogger:  Please work today so I don't look like a moron that cant spell Even though Im a moron that cant spell.  NO LUCK!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Be Prepared!!!!

Disclaimer:  Just go ahead and prepare yourself for the Randomness of this entire post.  Just thinking in my brain how to organize it has given me a mild migraine so Im not thinking about it anymore, I'm just going to give you my ramblings.

Let's start with the weather.  I turned on my AC just in time apparently.  The first day after I turned it on it was a nice and cool 77 degrees and I just got tickled, that was $4 down the drain but it looks like I am going to get my money's worth this weekend.  The forecast calls for 108 this weekend.

I'm sorry I have to post this screen grab because I have made fun of people all day long for posting it on facebook.  We all have weather apps that give us the same information, why would you need to post it on facebook for us all to see again.  Its not like your weather is going to be different!!!!

And hot or not I still have to mow the lawn and workout, so Ill just have to be hot.   Weather: check!

Next I finally got my new glasses in and I could not be more pleased.  I have ordered from 2 different sites now, one came in quick, these I had to wait a little bit longer for.  These are the ones I wanted more than the others so it is perfectly normal that they took longer. 

My geeky phase in life!  Im enjoying it.

This pair is from  I am more than pleased.  Ordering cheap glasses online that are equal to the ones that cost $400, this cheap little girl is happy!  Glasses: Check!

Paula Dean, there are so many things to say about Paula Dean, things that I have really had to censor myself over the years, but now they have put her on the cover of my favorite magazine and I just cringe. 

Paula we are very proud of your weight loss.  Its hard to lose weight, I will be the first to admit that, but after years of peddling the most unhealthy foods, deep fried everything, butter to the extremes now you want us to care about your health.  It makes me so mad that I'm not even buying this weeks mag. 

The diabetes thing made me have a little bit of sympathy for her because it is a sickness that can take so much from a person, but then you find out that she had been diagnosed years before and only came clean when she got an endorsement deal.  So she kept selling unhealthy receipts to all of us knowing the dangers of the diet.

I have to be Team Bourdain on this one.  "The worst, most dangerous person to America is clearly Paula Deen," Bourdain, 55, says. "She revels in unholy connections with evil corporations and she's proud of the fact that her food is f------ bad for you. Plus, her food sucks."

and this one....

It began when N.Y.C. chef Eddie Huang asked Bourdain: "Aren't you a hypocrite – smoking on your show and making fun of this nice old lady with diabetes?"

As the crowd hooted and hollered, Bourdain replied: "You're right. I did smoke cigarettes for a lot of years on my show. But I wasn't selling any [expletive] cigarettes … And when I found a spot on my [expletive] lung, I didn't wait three years so I could get a deal selling the patch."

I can just down off my soap box on this one.  I know in the grand scheme of life Paula Deen is not one of my "causes" but this did kinds piss me off this week.  And now they've ruined my weekend reading of People Magazine.  Don't worry People, I still love you and one day I'm going to be on the cover of the "Half Their Size" Issue!  Paula Deen: Check!

Alright, lunch break.....

Now, the rest of my night is going to be a time management problem.  I have lots of things to do and I am not sure I can get everything done before I need to go to bed at 8pm.  I have to workout, especially since I missed yesterdays workout, I would like to clean my house, but what's the hurry now, its not getting any dirtier.  I have an appointment to get my back cracked and I need to have dinner with my dad since its his birthday! 

Oh me oh my when am I going to do all these things.  Its not looking good for early bedtime tonight but we are so close to the weekend now maybe I can last one more day of staying up late!

Now I warned you all about the randomness of this post and I think I held up to my end of the disclaimer.  I will try to come back tonight but I don't know when I would do that....

It's OK/ Thankful Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

First Things First: 

It's OK...

...that I am going to try to do 2 Blog Hops in one.  Let's see how this goes.

...that I did not get to workout last night.  Instead I got to Babysit my niece and nephew.

...that Sister 2 got a new phone that she has no idea how to use.  Old people and new technology....I think I've seen something like this before.....

....that this video makes me laugh every single time.

....that I have been confused about what day of the week it is all week long.  I really thought Tuesday was Friday which made Wednesday really hurt my feelings.

....that I was at her house until midnight getting her set up on her iPhone, iWorld, iCrap, and hopefully she can figure it all out.

....that my house is a trash pit right now.  I don't know exactly how it happened, I don't know where all this stuff  came from but it's everywhere.

....that I have this irrational fear that every time my house is a complete mess I am afraid that I will die on my way home from work and my family will go in my house and think I actually live like that all the time!  (my daily dose of crazy)

....that I am happy to be done with the Wheat embargo.

....that I am already looking forward to next Wednesday so that I don't have to go to work and I might be able to sleep in for a while.

....that I might not be able to workout again tonight because I have no clean clothes...seriously guys my house is awful!!!!

....that my spell check in Blogger is not working so this post may be littered with misspelled words.

....that I am not the only person who does these two blog hops together! 

Thankful Thursdays Button

I am thankful for many things so I will try to keep this quick.

I am Thankful...

....that I got to watch my niece and nephew last night.  While I was there we watched Journey 2, which I have wanted to see but I was not going to rent or buy a kids movie!

....that even though I don't love my job, I am very thankful that I have one.  There are many many people that are desperatelylooking for work so I really try to keep it in check and not complain about mine.  (This is going to be on every Thankful Thursday...I have to remind myself of that at 5pm every single day)

....that I was able to help my sister with the transition of her calendar to her new phone without losing all the information.  (VICTORY!!!!) Just the idea of losing my calendar makes me nauseous so I couldn't imagine losing someone else's (someone with 27 children and way more calendar entries than me)

....that I have a house to be messy. 

......for Skittles!!!

....that even though I don't always get to the gym I have a body that is strong and able and can get me trough some of the most horrible workouts I put it through.

....that I have the greatest chiropractor in the world, who does not think that I have a dislocated rib, but is still willing to come to his office at 8pm and crack and realign me so that I can maybe get some pain relief.

....that I have a friend that is as obsessed with CrossFit as I am.  She wants to set up an area that we can CrossFit together!!!!!!

....that Sonic Drive-In is open early enough for me to get a drink on my way to work.  Route 44 water with extra ice, don't mind if I do, every single day!

Next week Ill swap them up and be Thankful before everything is OK!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Could Use a Cupcake


Does anyone out there interpret dreams because I could really use your help?  Last night after my workout binge I had one heck of dream.  Not bad, not good, AWESOME!!!

<====  This guy right here was in pursuit of FatGirl.  He was swinging from my apartment building constantly trying to save my life, even though I was not in danger.  My Cousin C was really trying to grab his attention but he was only interested in me.  Oh yeah!

How beautiful is this guy?

My alarm went off and I quickly snoozed and successfully went back into my Clark Kent dream!  It was pretty good stuff.  And it was this guy, not Christopher Reeves Superman which would have been ok too!

I would gladly have that dream every single night.  But I don't know what it means!  Does it mean that some beautiful strong man is going to be entering my life soon (Please Lord) or does it mean that I'm going to need rescuing (oh I hope not!!!)

I'm not much for the Superhero movies but come on who wouldn't love to have this dream? 

Ok, stop talking about Superman!

My body is very aware this morning that I got a 4 hour workout last night.  I am not sore per say but I am tender in a few places and my legs are screaming.  I have already taken my Aleve today and the day has just barely started.   "The Area" is feeling ok today.  Not great but better than the 8 I was having over the weekend.

Now what in the world am I going to do tonight?  I need to do laundry, clean my house, and mow my yard but I don't think any of those count as a workout.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Look What I Found

It was hiding under the covers, that's what happens when you workout till 10pm!

It Was Just Gonna Be A Little Cardio Tonight...

I really don't know how it happened but what was going to be a little workout after work today turned in to 4 hours at he gym. It wasn't really 4 hours at one time but it was 4 hours in total.

When I got home from work I changed clothes and went back into town. I thought about just running in my subdivision but I had to go back anyway so I just took it to the gym today.

But since I did that Phone Photo link up today I was gonna take more pictures this week. I thought I would take a pic of my workout outfit and then I realized my workout clothes are not cute! That's not totally true...

I have very cute sports bras, but because I have gained weight and have huge boobs I have to wear 2 at a time covering the cute! Oh and at no point in my life will I ever be wearing just the bra so no one gets to see them.

I have big ones not Jessica Simpson boobs, have you guys seen this today...

I even tried for the body shot....

Oh that's right, I wear clothes to workout in not to look cute, obviously, so I'll stop with the self full body portraits until I get matchy matchy workout clothes, which I am secretly jealous of.

I thought this one was cute!

Ok ok enough with the pictures. I went to town and to the gym. I worked the treadmill for a while, did some lower body weights and then hit the stationery bike. I was kicking some tail too. I was about an hour and 15 minutes into the workout and my doc (chiropractor) called. He could see me right then! 8:30 pm= greatest doc ever.

BTW the weirdest sentence ever, " hey guys I'll be right back, I have to go get my rib put back in place.". Who says that? But that's what I did. He said he didn't think that was the problem but we would still adjust to see if there was a problem with my rib alignment. Worth a shot at this point. You know It's been a long ordeal when the chiropractor asks you what kind of cancer you have this time:). My Chiro is a man after my own heart, I asked if I needed to do anything different, and he said, "if it hurts anyway do whatever you want!" That's why I love this guy!!!!

I was still in town and it was getting close to 9 pm and all I could think was if I waited just a few more minutes I could get in the pool. I have been wanting a swim for weeks so I had to take advantage of the opportunity.

So I closed down the gym tonight. I haven't done that since I worked there. Even Anna called and almost talked me into a run, what's up with me this afternoon!

I'm finally home and good and tired, it's cool in my house and I'm ready for bed. I'm sure tonight I won't have a problem sleeping. I did so much working out tonight that i didn't even eat dinner. I just pounded a tiny snack before bed just to get some food in my belly. Who misses dinner for a workout, I think I've lost my mind?

I don't know what happened to me today but I hope it happens again tomorrow. I need more days like this to get this excess weight off!


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I Might Have Met My Match

I don't know if you can make this out or not but the bank teller has what looks like an industrial air mover pointed directly in her face. And I thought I was hot!

Weekend Update

Monday, sometimes only a Diet Sundrop will do the trick. (Too hot for coffee, too early for daiquiris)

I think I sweat more this weekend than I have all week and I didn't get a formal workout in once this weekend.  Its hot here in the south, getting really hot.  We saw 102 on the back marquee on Saturday and it just got hotter and hotter.   So hot in fact that I gave up...I finally turned on the air.  It was so hot in my house that I couldn't sleep, but I hate that electric bill when it comes.

I'm hoping that I can take some of the fans away from my bedside and sleep in a cooler, quieter bedroom.  This will help with the chapped lips.  They are terrible.  I had absolutely no chapstick today so I had to go with lipstick today.

Pretty pretty lip stick.  Its soothing so I really dont care what color it is!  I can only think of ONE that I never want on my lips again.  (That link is just for you Sister 3, she thinks it is hysterical)

 I think I could have made it a bit longer without the AC but my entire weekend was hot!  We had a volleyball tourney to attend, and the facility was really nice, but didn't have AC so the big metal building was kinda like an oven and we were just baking.  By the time we left I was a little bit dehydrated. 

Even my office is hot.

Which of these things just doesn't belong?

Let's just say once I got home I was not eager to go outside and mow the lawn but staying inside was not enjoyable either.  I was in a lose lose situation, so I took a nap!  haha, that's always my solution.

Then at some point this weekend, I'm not exactly sure when, but "The Area" started hurting again.  Ive gone from a 2-3 to a 6-8 on the pain scale.


Ive been to the doc 100,000 times, there is not a problem with the heart, the lung, or the stomach!  I have addressed my anxiety and changed my diet, and quit smoking!

So we ruled out the heart...with the stress test.  You're Welcome for that pic!

This there was this pleasurable test, don't remember anything but being really drunk afterward.

And I have tried every combination of drugs there is out there!

All the chest xrays have come back fine, not evidence of a PE (pulmonary embolism) or broken rib.  But none the less, this weekend what ever is wrong in there decided it no longer wants to be happy. (I'm sure it has nothing to do with in increase in activity. ha)  The only other suggestion I have had (without doing a CT scan, which is next) is a Dislocated Rib.  Apparently a trip to my chiropractor will cure all the problem if that is the case.  He can just pop that bad boy back into place.  Now I just have to get to him. 

Until I make it to him I will just keep on keeping on.  I just hope I can get there before I get to the 10!  I know I have complained about this for a while now and I am sorry.  I am just annoyed with it as you guys are.

Yesterday was actually pretty relaxed in my world.  The day started at church, then nap time, again, and then out to dinner for my nieces birthday.  I still managed to stay away from wheat even with birthday cake.  Bless her heart she likes Strawberry cake, yuck! 

I did slip once on Saturday with the wheat thing.  I had chicken sandwich for lunch and cookies and cream ice cream.  I really didn't have any other option for the food but I could have passed on the ice cream I guess.  I just have a few more days on the wheat free diet.  I have not struggled on this one to bad but in order to reap all the benefits you also have to give up corn meal and fruit and oats.  Basically you can eat meat, veggies, dairy, and limited fruit. (Its a glorified Low Carb diet and I am not a huge fan of those)  That's just not going to happen long term for me.  I have enjoyed several things and will keep them part of my diet long term but this is not the diet plan for me.

I'm ready for this week.  I have some workouts already planned and I have some that I will just have to play by ear.  I'm hoping to get to the steps one day this week.  I haven't run the stadium in a while and I really enjoy doing that.  And behind the stadium are some of those huge tractor tires and the coach said I was welcome to use those in my workout.  As long as I don't end up under the tire Ill be ok. 

Tonight I think I am only going to be running.  I'm going to try to steer clear of anything upper body until I can get a little relief, so tonight will just be cardio for this girl. 

I have to run now.  I have got to get some more food in this belly.  I am one hungry girl this morning.  I should have packed more in my lunch box but I'm grateful that I didn't because it would be gone right now!  Just counting down the seconds to lunch.

New Hop: Phone Photo Fun

In my attempt to take more pictures this blog hop is perfect for me....thanks for hosting Savannah.

Since this is my first time with this blog hop I'm getting to go back a little further than some. 

Its a combination of pics on my refrigerator door.  I would say it keeps me out of the fridge but there is nothing to eat in there anyway.

I'm not sure what happened last night....I went to WM to get a gallon of milk with my sister and this one got her ears pierced while we were there!!!!  So proud!

I gave up and finally turned on the Air Conditioner.  You would think I would use it more because it is brand new.

I'm thinking about trying this cut and color.  Cant decide yet?!

Makes me laugh every time.

I know....

I take too many pictures....

of my own shoes.  But with shoes this cute what do you expect!

I'm getting so good at this game!

I'm not one for a self portrait if I can help it but here goes.  I took the pic to show off my new glasses and then got this app called Pop Art Lite and made a new profile picture.

Friday, June 22, 2012


It is rare that I ever get on here and just straight out tell you something to do or not to do.  After all, I am a walking experiment.  But I have one today!   This is a take my advice moment in life...

Dollar Store Generic Cashews

I don't know what I was thinking buying dollar store cashews.  Cashews are quite possibly my favorite nut and I usually get the roasted with sea salt or lightly salted.  I also like them raw and unroasted as well.  I was thinking you really cant mess up cashews right...wrong!  You can very much mess them up.

These were very oil or greasy, way too salty, and even though I got 20% more for FREE it was not worth the value.  My tongue is raw from the volume of salt and they are just not good.  So there you have it.  Don't buy generic cashews. 

One store brand that is pretty good is the Nice! Brand from Walgreens.  They have full salt, half salt, lightly salted, sea salted, and lightly sea salted.  So many different varieties.  They are pretty good and more economical for people on a budget like me.

Friday Morning Is Finally Here

Last night I made sleep my bitch!  That's right, curse word and all, I finally slept.  I was beginning to get worried that I lost my ability to sleep through the night but I'm back baby.  I got done blogging last night and then got in bed, and then it hit me like a ton of very sleepy bricks, I had forgotten to do something in town, something that could not be forgotten.  So I got out of bed, slowly (the soreness you know), and got in the car and drove to town.  It didn't take long but it was just annoying to have to go out so late because I was stupid and forgot.  Not 30 minutes later I was back home and in bed and well on my way to dream land.

To top off a good nights sleep I got to sleep to the last possible second.  We're taking 6 whole hours people!  And an amazing 6 hours it was.  You know you go to bed to early when your sister sends you a text at midnight and asks why you are still awake.

Now one thing that did not go away with the sleep was this soreness.  Every time I moved last night I was overwhelmingly aware of it, and it carried on to this morning.  Washing my hair and putting on shirts were the hardest part.  Basically lifting my arms is impossible.  I had to bend over in the shower and bring my head to my hands instead.  Yes, its that bad.   I'm pretty sure that my arms will look like Dara Torres as soon as all this soreness goes away, they better as bad as they hurt!!!!

Yes I think her arms are hot, on that note I thing her abs are pretty spectacular as well!

Now that I'm done bragging about my sleep and complaining about my soreness I have to tell you about my excitement.  My last post we talked about RunEatRepeat.  One of my blogs that I read every day and according to my sister that makes her my friend.  Sister 2 has so many friends all over this country just because she reads their blogs, but in this case I think we might actually be friends...

Check this out!!!

My excitement was uncontainable, I sent Anna a text in all Caps just so she would know I was pretty serious! 

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday! 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Little Bit Embarassed

The only reason I am embarrassed is because I shouldn't be this sore.  But every single muscle in my body is screaming.  Things hurt that I haven't felt in years!  And I am almost positive that what I did tonight at the gym is not going to help anything.

My workout buddy was back with me tonight so for the first time in a while I had a buddy at the gym, yes misery really does love company.  And she was feeling feisty tonight.  "Lets do one more circuit, one more, one more!"  MAKE IT STOP!!!!!

We did 3 separate Tabata workouts tonight.  Once with Cardio emphasis, one with strength emphasis, and the final one with a plyo emphasis.  By the final workout I was pretty sure I could take no more!  I was already feeling the soreness in my upper body and this did not help but multiplied it by 140x.

I was going to take pictures during the workout tonight in a effort to have more photos but I couldn't lift my arms to get the camera up.  But have no fear, once we went to eat dinner I was 100% photo ready.  Anna and I were sweaty, hungry, and ready for food.

Tonight we have a shout out to Monica at Run Eat Repeat.  Ok, we are sorta blog stalkers and we love her so tonight we channeled Monica and took pictures of our healthy delicious food.  Of course ours took a  strange turn, like everything else.

Holding the food and taking the picture, yummy grilled veggies and refried beans with salsa and guacamole...please note the food is about to slide off the plate.

She then took the whole entire container of salsa and poured it on her plate.  She had her own cup of salsa cause she got the guacamole gunk in the community bowl.

Please note:  Now there is chicken on her plate, that was from my plate......

And now she is just eating directly from my plate.  That is her little chip stealing food!  The pictures got out of control so fast....I just couldn't stop.

Dinner was yummy and healthy, and a treat for FatGirl tonight.  We did a blog makeover for Anna today and this was my treat.   Thanks!!!!  Usually when we eat out one pays and one tips, but I gave all my money to little softball players tonight for hitting the ball to the grass.  Yes! I bribed 5 year olds with a dollar to get good hits and I would do it again.  But they took all my money, all $2 cash.

I was almost too hot to eat like I normally do which worked out pretty good.  I got to leave Mexican not feeling so full.  I have noticed since I gave up the wheat I have finished lots of meals without feeling so full.  Now I get to go home hydrated, belly full, and all tired out.  I better sleep good tonight!

Ive been continuing to read different parts of the "Wheat Belly" and I can see things in this plan that I am not such a fan of.  First off he makes a valid point about wheat being EVIL but when he starts suggesting that we give up or limit fruit, corn and oat products, I just feel like its the Paleo Diet again with Milk.

I don't have a problem giving up the wheat, I have seen lots of benefits from it so far, less full, less sweet cravings, and a lower calorie count at the end of the day, but I also see a down side too.  I don't know that I could give up or limit my fruit, and I would like to have some birthday cake!  I'm still in for the 2 week trial but I can see the downsides to it. 

I have no plans for a morning workout tomorrow.  I'm not even trying to swim anymore.  I have to get up and get dressed up tomorrow morning and I just really cannot imagine getting dressed up at the gym.  And depending on how tomorrow goes I might not get an evening workout either.  With the way my body feels right now that might be the best idea yet.  I think I could use a rest day.

I'm going to start towards the bed now.  It will take me about 30 minutes to walk the 30 feet to my bedroom, another 15 just to get up on the bed, and heaven forbid I have to roll over in the night.  Listen close out there you might get to hear my squeals in the night.

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