Friday, June 15, 2012

180 Degrees

My afternoon turned out to be nothing like I planned.   That's what you get when you plan you know...  A little birdie told me that my bestie and her family were in town so I scooted away from work and hurried home to get some love from my cuz.

I was greeted at the door by the big brother and as soon as I got in the door the new baby wanted to give me a hug.

Seriously, how sweet is that....just laid up on my chest.

So I stayed and visited until it was time for dinner, mine and theirs.  So I left but not before getting a few more pictures of the boys, you know I took more pictures than one.

I'm loving this new app, Diptic, where you can make collages.  It keeps me from having to upload 40 separate photos so just go ahead and get ready for multiple photos in one.  Its like Instagram all over again!

Then the craziness began and I'm not sure how we got there.  I went over to my sisters house and my nephew had a new paintball gun.  He has been asking for one for weeks and there it was.  I have been shot one time before with a paintball when Sister 2 went all crazed gunman in a garage after a few too many one night and shot everyone in the room.   We were all so shocked that we had been shot that we couldn't register how bad it hurt.

Tonight we had to give it another try.  I have never wished that I had sweatpants on in summer so bad.  We were running sprints across the yard and the gunman had to hit you.   I got one two chances to hit my target and missed, gave the gun to the 8 year old and he hit Jimmy about 8 times.  It makes me wish I had spent all these years running sprints instead of long distances, I probably wouldn't have been hit so many times.  I wasn't the only one that took some hits....

Clockwise starting at the top left: Sister 2's inner thigh, My left quad (nice muscle I know), the other three taking licks (Sister 2, Jimmy Boy, and Sister 3), my favorite lay around shirt with numerous hits. 

Same order top left:  My quad again, JB's belly shot, yep that's almost a boob picture, Jimmy's arm ouch, and Sister 3s inner thigh.

There were several more hits that we couldn't take pictures of, private areas, or my flank steak that got hit about 3 times (and there is no way I'm showing that one film), Sister2 took a shot to the hand that was by far the most painful and didn't look bad on camera, and I left out any picture that had broken skin and blood (I had people that didn't appreciate the IV pic so I figured the blood would be too much for some).  It hurt so bad but was so funny at the same time. 

This just goes to show you that I never really know what is going to happen.  While I was sitting at dinner I started to freak out about the gym closing and I wasn't going to get my workout in, but technically I did do sprints.  Ha ha.  Ill just have to make up for it tomorrow. 

The plan for tomorrow is a little canoe trip, I know that will be a good workout and some sun on my milky white skin.  Killing two birds with one stone.

Ive got to get to bed and get all rested up for all my paddling tomorrow...nighty night.

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