Monday, June 18, 2012

Decisions decisions

I was trying to decide should I post tonight or not. I was late getting started on my workout so by the time I got cooled off, face washed and ready to settle down it was 10pm and I was ready for bed! I'm such an old woman at heart...I think 10pm is the perfect time for bed. 8 hours of sleep for this girl.

My day today had to many task to be done and not enough time to get them all in. I used my hour lunch break to get some things done, buy khaki shorts, go to the bank, pay cell phone bill, etc. Well, it made my lunch hour a little but more like an hour and a half but I made all my stops. I was totally unsuccessful with the shorts, maybe I shouldn't have waited until June 16th to start looking for shorts or maybe I should try a real store instead of goodwill.

Work actually flew by today which was great! And I made it home in time to try Goodwill store #2 and I got 3 pairs of brand spankin' new used shorts! Then it was straight tot he ball park. We are in the final week of games. By the end of the season I'm so ready for it to be over, then a week later I'm begging for something to do.

After the ball game it was off to fundraiser dinner, office cleaning and home just in time to be too late to workout. I pulled in the driveway and got directly into my workout clothes. I did a really quick warm up and started my workout.

Tonight all I needed was a jump rope and a 20 lb kettle bell. 1000 swings later All my muscles are screaming and I am pooped. I wrapped it all up! 4500 calories burned I'm sure and time to get ready for tomorrow.

I got my workout bag packed and I laid my clothes out so hopefully I can get up in time to do a morning workout since I have another long evening tomorrow night as well. It will go even later than tonight.

This is my idea of laying my clothes out to run in the morning. I just hope tomorrow morning is cooler than tonight. I worked up quite a sweat tonight. And my house is already 200 degrees so I'm just not cooling off like I want to. (My office today was 83 degrees, can someone air condition so I don't have to!!!!!!!!)

When all my stuff was finished tonight and I finally got settled I took the opportunity to ice my knee. Now that I'm back into action I'm a little sore, not to mention a tiny bit of swelling after a paintball incident over the weekend.

It is so hot in my house the ice pack was all melty and wet within a few minutes instead of the 20 I can usually get out of it. Regardless, it feels wonderful after the ice and it helped lower my core body temp to a much more normal range.

If I'm ever going to make it up in the morning to run I must go to sleep. If I can I'm going to take a picture of the next couple of workout outfits for you...they have been so "cute" the last few workouts. If they don't get better I'm going to have to go back to Goodwill and buy some new shirts to cut up for some new workout clothes!

Night all!!!

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