Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Does anyone out there interpret dreams because I could really use your help?  Last night after my workout binge I had one heck of dream.  Not bad, not good, AWESOME!!!

<====  This guy right here was in pursuit of FatGirl.  He was swinging from my apartment building constantly trying to save my life, even though I was not in danger.  My Cousin C was really trying to grab his attention but he was only interested in me.  Oh yeah!

How beautiful is this guy?

My alarm went off and I quickly snoozed and successfully went back into my Clark Kent dream!  It was pretty good stuff.  And it was this guy, not Christopher Reeves Superman which would have been ok too!

I would gladly have that dream every single night.  But I don't know what it means!  Does it mean that some beautiful strong man is going to be entering my life soon (Please Lord) or does it mean that I'm going to need rescuing (oh I hope not!!!)

I'm not much for the Superhero movies but come on who wouldn't love to have this dream? 

Ok, stop talking about Superman!

My body is very aware this morning that I got a 4 hour workout last night.  I am not sore per say but I am tender in a few places and my legs are screaming.  I have already taken my Aleve today and the day has just barely started.   "The Area" is feeling ok today.  Not great but better than the 8 I was having over the weekend.

Now what in the world am I going to do tonight?  I need to do laundry, clean my house, and mow my yard but I don't think any of those count as a workout.

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Anna Catherine said...

Definitely represents beautiful strong man entering the picture soon :-) I don't know how C's husband would feel about her vying for Superman's attention. Have a great day!

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