Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday that Feels like Monday

I'm gonna get this all out in the beginning.  I had such high hopes for today being that it is Friday and all but oh my goodness!  I woke up on time this morning, which is more than I can say for several other days this week and then things started to go downhill. 

I couldn't find anything cute to wear (that's just a girl thing I guess.)  Luckily last night I packed up my food for today so I was up, dressed not so cute and out of the house on time!  That is the start to an amazing day......

Then there was this guy.....

and then this guy....

And then the 3 others that I couldn't get a picture of as well as the old lady Cadillac driver who was the push over the edge!  Thanks to these wonderful individuals early this beautiful Friday morning I was late to work....and I hate being late.

Then today the "Annoying Secretary" has been in rare form.  She is driving me nuts!  And everyone I have tried to deal with today at work have been a pain in the a$$ not helpful.  I have a horrible headache.  THEN IT HIT ME.....I might be having withdrawal symptoms.  (I have a sister that taught me one time that if everyone else is the problem, then the problem might actually be you)   So now I have secluded myself in my office until my mood is better thinking of funny things to put on my blog.

First off lets talk about working out.  I had ballgames last night and then a late night workout and I think I finally successfully worked the soreness out.  That never works for me, we all know that now, but it did last night.  I did some weights on the bottom and some hill climbs on the spin bike.  I was really pouring sweat by the time I left.  Two days in a row....still no ER.  Victory is mine!!!!

Once I got home I was pooped but I had to get some stuff done around the house.  Then shower and bed time. 

Now in an effort to be in a better mood and get rid of my headache, along with the seclusion I have put myself in, I am enjoying a fresh cup of coffee with a snack and trolling my new websites for more fun glasses.  One of my favorite TV shows is Criminal Minds and my glasses role model is Penelope so I'm trying to find more fun ones.

I already bought a totally normal pair and then a really fun pair.  I am waiting for them to come in before I go on a shopping spree for more. 

I haven't decided what workout I'm going to do tonight.  I worked out most of my soreness so I packed up the boxing gloves and I might work upper body since I did lower last night, or I can rock out some cardio only, or intervals.  There are just too many choices!  I love being back at the gym!

Just in my blogging I'm already feeling better.  Or maybe it was the coffee, or the sugar in the coffee, either way I'm already feeling better. 

How do you cheer up on a bad day?

My boss asked me why I had a headache, did I need caffeine or sugar? 
I responded, "I need wheat!"
I wish you could have heard the roar of laughter that came from his office.

I didn't find it all that funny but it did bring a smile to my face....those words have never come out of my mouth before.  "I Need Wheat!"

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