Thursday, June 14, 2012

I Finally Worked Out and I Haven't Had to Go to the ER Yet....

Don't worry I'm not counting it out yet.  It usually takes me about 3 days or so to make my follow up visit to the ER but I have some really high hopes this time. 

So yea, yesterday I got a pretty freakin awesome workout.  I started with a light jog, about half a mile to warm up and then did some high intensity intervals:  Up/Downs, Jumping Jacks, Step Ups all in Tabata fashion.  (I just linked a random website that explains tabata so if you are interested you can read their point of view on tabata.  My intervals are 20 on/10 off: 4 exercises repeat twice.  It takes exactly 4 minutes and it is hard!!!!!!!  )  The tabata workout is one that when you read it on paper it seems so easy and then when you actually do it by the 3rd minute you are ready to slit your own wrists.

Then I did several hundred thousand kettle bell swings and finished my workout with another half mile jog.  By the second half mile I could tell I have not been consistent with my workouts because my butt was dragging.  It was 40 minutes total, 2 gallons of sweat, and one amazing mood booster!

It was actually kinda cool because I did my entire workout outside yesterday.  It was pretty and not raining for the first day this week so I took advantage of my private neighborhood and my big back yard and did my workout all by my lonesome. 

The prettiest picture in the whole wide world.  You know I'm back to working out if there are tennis shoes all around the house!

Like I said my butt was dragging when I got done but I know it was a good one.  I had that runners high when I finished.  I was in just the best mood for hours after I finished working out. 

I had choir practice yesterday evening and a late night Sonic date with my sisters.  I got to catch up with my girls over Diet Cokes and Ice Cream Cones.  I didn't get home until midnight so I didn't have it in me to post, I just went off to dreamland once I got home.

Yesterday was also another new beginning.  Yesterday was the first day off wheat completely.  My book kinda freaked me out telling me how my neuro transmitters would go crazy because wheat was addictive and I would have crazy withdrawal symptoms from the first day, well, I might have major withdrawal symptoms to look forward to but yesterday was fine.  Cant wait!!!

My favorite part of the no wheat extravaganza was when my sisters tried to convince me that there was no wheat in cake balls.  The logic behind it was great, lets see if I can remember it all. 

Me: "I cant have a cakeball because they have wheat in them. (this is no sacrifice I don't really like them.) 
Sister 2:  "There is no wheat in cake." No please no....
Me:  "I know but there is flower in cake."
Sister 1:  "I didn't use flower in these, I used a box mix." Oh heavens....
Sister3:  "There's no wheat in flower. OH MY GOSH!
Sister 1: "You can have one cause I didn't put any flower in the box mix."  It physically hurts me sometimes....

Just in case you were not sure who was right in this argument, bless your heart, I have some proof that I was indeed right....

First ingredient: Enriched Flour Bleached (wheat flour....) Final sentence:  CONTAINS WHEAT AND MILK INGREDIENTS!

This continued on for so long that I finally just gave up, so if your interested in giving up wheat, according to my sisters, you can have cakeballs!

My food went really well for the day.  I had oatmeal and a banana for breakfast.  It looks gross but it taste soooooo good.  You'll note the number of bananas was high today, because I have an entire bushel that is fixing to go bad.

Then for snack:  Apple and banana with peanut butter.  The apple was so good I hardly ate any of the peanut butter. And I grazed on Cashews all day long.

Lunch:  Yummy Japanese chicken.  It was such a huge portion I ate it for lunch and then again for dinner.

This was my only mistake of the day...I didn't know they used wheat in making soy sauce.
Who knew?

There was another post workout banana and berry juice and then the chicken again for dinner.  Overall I had a good day, minus the soy sauce!

Ok I think I have officially written the longest post ever but I had lots of stuff to tell you guys today.  And come back soon because today is "It's OK" so I'll have another post really soon. 

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