Monday, June 25, 2012

It Was Just Gonna Be A Little Cardio Tonight...

I really don't know how it happened but what was going to be a little workout after work today turned in to 4 hours at he gym. It wasn't really 4 hours at one time but it was 4 hours in total.

When I got home from work I changed clothes and went back into town. I thought about just running in my subdivision but I had to go back anyway so I just took it to the gym today.

But since I did that Phone Photo link up today I was gonna take more pictures this week. I thought I would take a pic of my workout outfit and then I realized my workout clothes are not cute! That's not totally true...

I have very cute sports bras, but because I have gained weight and have huge boobs I have to wear 2 at a time covering the cute! Oh and at no point in my life will I ever be wearing just the bra so no one gets to see them.

I have big ones not Jessica Simpson boobs, have you guys seen this today...

I even tried for the body shot....

Oh that's right, I wear clothes to workout in not to look cute, obviously, so I'll stop with the self full body portraits until I get matchy matchy workout clothes, which I am secretly jealous of.

I thought this one was cute!

Ok ok enough with the pictures. I went to town and to the gym. I worked the treadmill for a while, did some lower body weights and then hit the stationery bike. I was kicking some tail too. I was about an hour and 15 minutes into the workout and my doc (chiropractor) called. He could see me right then! 8:30 pm= greatest doc ever.

BTW the weirdest sentence ever, " hey guys I'll be right back, I have to go get my rib put back in place.". Who says that? But that's what I did. He said he didn't think that was the problem but we would still adjust to see if there was a problem with my rib alignment. Worth a shot at this point. You know It's been a long ordeal when the chiropractor asks you what kind of cancer you have this time:). My Chiro is a man after my own heart, I asked if I needed to do anything different, and he said, "if it hurts anyway do whatever you want!" That's why I love this guy!!!!

I was still in town and it was getting close to 9 pm and all I could think was if I waited just a few more minutes I could get in the pool. I have been wanting a swim for weeks so I had to take advantage of the opportunity.

So I closed down the gym tonight. I haven't done that since I worked there. Even Anna called and almost talked me into a run, what's up with me this afternoon!

I'm finally home and good and tired, it's cool in my house and I'm ready for bed. I'm sure tonight I won't have a problem sleeping. I did so much working out tonight that i didn't even eat dinner. I just pounded a tiny snack before bed just to get some food in my belly. Who misses dinner for a workout, I think I've lost my mind?

I don't know what happened to me today but I hope it happens again tomorrow. I need more days like this to get this excess weight off!


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