Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's OK/ Thankful Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

First Things First: 

It's OK...

...that I am going to try to do 2 Blog Hops in one.  Let's see how this goes.

...that I did not get to workout last night.  Instead I got to Babysit my niece and nephew.

...that Sister 2 got a new phone that she has no idea how to use.  Old people and new technology....I think I've seen something like this before.....

....that this video makes me laugh every single time.

....that I have been confused about what day of the week it is all week long.  I really thought Tuesday was Friday which made Wednesday really hurt my feelings.

....that I was at her house until midnight getting her set up on her iPhone, iWorld, iCrap, and hopefully she can figure it all out.

....that my house is a trash pit right now.  I don't know exactly how it happened, I don't know where all this stuff  came from but it's everywhere.

....that I have this irrational fear that every time my house is a complete mess I am afraid that I will die on my way home from work and my family will go in my house and think I actually live like that all the time!  (my daily dose of crazy)

....that I am happy to be done with the Wheat embargo.

....that I am already looking forward to next Wednesday so that I don't have to go to work and I might be able to sleep in for a while.

....that I might not be able to workout again tonight because I have no clean clothes...seriously guys my house is awful!!!!

....that my spell check in Blogger is not working so this post may be littered with misspelled words.

....that I am not the only person who does these two blog hops together! 

Thankful Thursdays Button

I am thankful for many things so I will try to keep this quick.

I am Thankful...

....that I got to watch my niece and nephew last night.  While I was there we watched Journey 2, which I have wanted to see but I was not going to rent or buy a kids movie!

....that even though I don't love my job, I am very thankful that I have one.  There are many many people that are desperatelylooking for work so I really try to keep it in check and not complain about mine.  (This is going to be on every Thankful Thursday...I have to remind myself of that at 5pm every single day)

....that I was able to help my sister with the transition of her calendar to her new phone without losing all the information.  (VICTORY!!!!) Just the idea of losing my calendar makes me nauseous so I couldn't imagine losing someone else's (someone with 27 children and way more calendar entries than me)

....that I have a house to be messy. 

......for Skittles!!!

....that even though I don't always get to the gym I have a body that is strong and able and can get me trough some of the most horrible workouts I put it through.

....that I have the greatest chiropractor in the world, who does not think that I have a dislocated rib, but is still willing to come to his office at 8pm and crack and realign me so that I can maybe get some pain relief.

....that I have a friend that is as obsessed with CrossFit as I am.  She wants to set up an area that we can CrossFit together!!!!!!

....that Sonic Drive-In is open early enough for me to get a drink on my way to work.  Route 44 water with extra ice, don't mind if I do, every single day!

Next week Ill swap them up and be Thankful before everything is OK!


Leah said...

hahah I think it's okay to work out in dirty clothes. i mean they will get gross after you work out anyhow, so you're sort-of ahead of the game (right?) :)

Its Me Again Margaret said...

That video was pure greatness! And I just started cross fit. Wow it is difficult! I'm glad that I am not the only one having problems with spell check!

Emily said...

Leah, You make a valid point that they are going to get dirty but they are nasty by the time I take them off Im not sure I can do it.

It's Me Again Margaret, do you love cross fit?

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