Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's OK

Its Ok Thursdays
It's OK...

1.  ...that I am so sleepy.

2.  ...that all I wanted to do was swim this morning but I finally went to sleep about 5:39am and it wasn't happening after no sleep.  The reason I know the exact time I went to sleep is because just as soon as I finally closed my eyes and went to sleep my alarm went off.  No thank you....I got up, turned them both off, reset the time and went back to sleep for another half hour or so.

3.  ...that I used 2 alarm clocks.

4.  ...that my fruit smoothie is pink today.  It usually makes a gross purple/green color and the fact that today it is pink makes me really happy.

5.  ...that Anna posted before me this morning.

6.  ...that my running buddy is already planning my next marathon.  I said Fiji, because by the time I can afford to pay for that I might be trained for 26.2 again.

7.  ....that I'm really not trained to run 2.62 right now.

8.  ...that I didn't put enough sugar in my coffee today, but I'm still so sore that its not worth getting up to add more.

9.  ...that the next time I will get to swim is after 9:00pm tonight.  And I just might wait that long.  Or maybe I could meet my workout buddy late.  Hint hint!

10.  ...that I get to leave work early today! 

11.  ...that even though I am feeling better and getting my workouts in and my food is good that I have not lost one single pound.

12.  ....that I found a new way to stalk my Biggest Loser people....Instagram.  I only signed up for Twitter to follow my Biggest Loser peeps and now they are all on Instagram too.  This is way to exciting for me. 

Follow me on Instagram at fatgirltothin.  I mostly take pics of my food and workout clothes but you are more than welcome to follow along.  While we are at it I am on Facebook and Twitter as well.


Anna Catherine said...

What about me and my early posting :-)
My smoothie was green.
The weight is going to come off.
Love you!

Nicholl Vincent said...

Love this!!


Have a fabulous day! xo

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