Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Little Bit Embarassed

The only reason I am embarrassed is because I shouldn't be this sore.  But every single muscle in my body is screaming.  Things hurt that I haven't felt in years!  And I am almost positive that what I did tonight at the gym is not going to help anything.

My workout buddy was back with me tonight so for the first time in a while I had a buddy at the gym, yes misery really does love company.  And she was feeling feisty tonight.  "Lets do one more circuit, one more, one more!"  MAKE IT STOP!!!!!

We did 3 separate Tabata workouts tonight.  Once with Cardio emphasis, one with strength emphasis, and the final one with a plyo emphasis.  By the final workout I was pretty sure I could take no more!  I was already feeling the soreness in my upper body and this did not help but multiplied it by 140x.

I was going to take pictures during the workout tonight in a effort to have more photos but I couldn't lift my arms to get the camera up.  But have no fear, once we went to eat dinner I was 100% photo ready.  Anna and I were sweaty, hungry, and ready for food.

Tonight we have a shout out to Monica at Run Eat Repeat.  Ok, we are sorta blog stalkers and we love her so tonight we channeled Monica and took pictures of our healthy delicious food.  Of course ours took a  strange turn, like everything else.

Holding the food and taking the picture, yummy grilled veggies and refried beans with salsa and guacamole...please note the food is about to slide off the plate.

She then took the whole entire container of salsa and poured it on her plate.  She had her own cup of salsa cause she got the guacamole gunk in the community bowl.

Please note:  Now there is chicken on her plate, that was from my plate......

And now she is just eating directly from my plate.  That is her little chip stealing food!  The pictures got out of control so fast....I just couldn't stop.

Dinner was yummy and healthy, and a treat for FatGirl tonight.  We did a blog makeover for Anna today and this was my treat.   Thanks!!!!  Usually when we eat out one pays and one tips, but I gave all my money to little softball players tonight for hitting the ball to the grass.  Yes! I bribed 5 year olds with a dollar to get good hits and I would do it again.  But they took all my money, all $2 cash.

I was almost too hot to eat like I normally do which worked out pretty good.  I got to leave Mexican not feeling so full.  I have noticed since I gave up the wheat I have finished lots of meals without feeling so full.  Now I get to go home hydrated, belly full, and all tired out.  I better sleep good tonight!

Ive been continuing to read different parts of the "Wheat Belly" and I can see things in this plan that I am not such a fan of.  First off he makes a valid point about wheat being EVIL but when he starts suggesting that we give up or limit fruit, corn and oat products, I just feel like its the Paleo Diet again with Milk.

I don't have a problem giving up the wheat, I have seen lots of benefits from it so far, less full, less sweet cravings, and a lower calorie count at the end of the day, but I also see a down side too.  I don't know that I could give up or limit my fruit, and I would like to have some birthday cake!  I'm still in for the 2 week trial but I can see the downsides to it. 

I have no plans for a morning workout tomorrow.  I'm not even trying to swim anymore.  I have to get up and get dressed up tomorrow morning and I just really cannot imagine getting dressed up at the gym.  And depending on how tomorrow goes I might not get an evening workout either.  With the way my body feels right now that might be the best idea yet.  I think I could use a rest day.

I'm going to start towards the bed now.  It will take me about 30 minutes to walk the 30 feet to my bedroom, another 15 just to get up on the bed, and heaven forbid I have to roll over in the night.  Listen close out there you might get to hear my squeals in the night.

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