Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Monday: Nice Job!

Well, Monday earned its bad reputation this week.  Sometimes Monday is like that, sometimes Monday is just another day, but yesterday for me Monday was a pain the butt!

I wish I had posted yesterday morning because the morning was fine, but I didn't really have anything to post about yet.  I didn't wake up early and work out, I didn't eat all that well, yesterday or over the weekend, just nothing much to say....then yesterday afternoon when I was ready to be all chatty, my computer went on the brink.

I called the computer doctors to get everything worked out and ONE HOUR AND 23 MINUTES LATER still not fixed.  I was on the phone for over an hour and the problem was still not fixed.  Not only was I on the phone forever, I was unable to use my computer during that time.  I played lots of games on my iPad and iPhone and just sat on hold or talking to a guy that couldn't fix the problem.

Which leads me to my next topic....random thoughts that I come up with while on hold. 

1.  While talking to the computer guy I could hear the other tech guys in the back ground and while I don't claim to have the cleanest mouth these guys dropped the f-bomb about 25 times in 3 minutes and I could hear them like I was talking to them directly.   It was very unprofessional!

2.  Why do trains have to honk when they are driving by!?!?  Seriously, I don't know this and I think I have asked it before and I still don't know the answer....its rather annoying.

3.    The pants that I wore yesterday and again today (I did laundry last night) have the most aggravating waist band in the world!  They fit, which is more than I can say about most of my pants but they are annoying.

4.  I LOVE PISTACHIOS!  haha, and I cant spell pistachios and neither can spell check.

I think that is most of my randomness.  The rest of my night was a little uneventful.  All the ballgames were cancelled so it was a night at the house.  I was able to finish up all the tasks that I had started over the weekend.  All the laundry...done, the dished...done, dinner....done.

I should have gone to the gym but I didn't.  I didn't take my workout clothes with me because I thought we were going to have a ballgame.  And I could have gone back to to the gym but I didn't. 

To be honest, I'm a little bit scared.  I was on rest and went back and off to the ER.  I'm finally feeling better: I am not constantly thinking I am having a heart attack.  And now I have been 2 weeks without an ER visit and I would like to keep it that way.  I am going to the gym tonight, I have to.  No more walking, no more half ass workouts, I need my routine back.  So scared or not, pain or not, I have to get back in the gym.  Please say a little prayer that my return does not also lead to a return to the ER!

Oh and today is the last day that I will be allowed to have wheat, for a few weeks at least.  I really want to give this a try so I had to set a date to go all in.  I was going to start yesterday but I hate when people start something new on Monday, its a personal pet peeve so I chose Wednesday, great start date!

Sometimes I cant remember the funny things Ive posted and this was still saved in my pictures so I don't think I have yet....enjoy....

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