Monday, June 25, 2012

New Hop: Phone Photo Fun

In my attempt to take more pictures this blog hop is perfect for me....thanks for hosting Savannah.

Since this is my first time with this blog hop I'm getting to go back a little further than some. 

Its a combination of pics on my refrigerator door.  I would say it keeps me out of the fridge but there is nothing to eat in there anyway.

I'm not sure what happened last night....I went to WM to get a gallon of milk with my sister and this one got her ears pierced while we were there!!!!  So proud!

I gave up and finally turned on the Air Conditioner.  You would think I would use it more because it is brand new.

I'm thinking about trying this cut and color.  Cant decide yet?!

Makes me laugh every time.

I know....

I take too many pictures....

of my own shoes.  But with shoes this cute what do you expect!

I'm getting so good at this game!

I'm not one for a self portrait if I can help it but here goes.  I took the pic to show off my new glasses and then got this app called Pop Art Lite and made a new profile picture.


Destiny said...

love that cut and color! and I didn't know walmart did ears?

Emily said...

Im not sure how well the red will workout but Im slowly getting rid of the bleach blond so I need somewhere else to go.

Every WM I know does ears and only ears. But they will do cartlidge at the top. Ive done mine about 12 times each.

Emily said...

I like your hair.

Nichole said...

I love your blog! Found you through the link up. I am so bad at Draw Something, so kudos on that octopus!

Anonymous said...

Love your shoes! I'm looking for new running shoes!

Savanah said...

oh man, I would of had to turn on the AC a lot earlier than that.... We keep ours on 70 pretty regularly!!
Thanks for linking up today!

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