Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Relay, Weekends, and Doctors Oh My!

Lets start with Friday night.....Relay for Life was A-M-A-Z-ING!  Our team raised so much money and I was so proud of how hard they all worked and was proud of how much money we raised in such a short amount of time.  I know I promised pictures, well, I got 1 of the team and then a pic of the sign we used....that was it....sorry.

Our theme was Scrabble!

We did not stay the whole night which means I didn't spend my entire Saturday sleeping.  I didn't spend the whole day sleeping but I did get plenty of sleep.  I went to the ballpark and watched some of the girls play, the boys played too but you can bet if I have to choose between girls softball and boys baseball I'm going to softball every single time!!!

The rest of the weekend was normal as usual and then back to work.  Somehow the weekend just goes way to fast on these pretty summer days!

Then Monday, back to work again, and I actually got to sleep in on Monday morning because I had another follow up doctors appointment.  That is my (new) life!!!!  1-3 days a week I get to see a doctor for something not really something, just the same thing that no one can figure out!  This was just a follow up appt so I knew it would go pretty quick so I planned on Hardee's for breakfast!  I was looking forward to it all morning long.  I even waiting until after my appointment because I didn't know if they would want blood. 

I drug my hungry butt to Hardee's and pulled up to the window.  The car behind me though I was losing my mind because I just started laughing, out loud, at the sign.  Drive thru fail!

It reads, "We are currently out of ham, steak, chicken, coke, dr pepper, orange juice, and mellow yellow or the wraps. -Sorry- Thanks Management"

 So many things about this sign made me laugh....you can just pick the parts that you find funny and enjoy a chuckle on me!

To be honest my food on Monday was not the best, it started with Hardee's, fast food for lunch and then I got Snicker's on the brain.  I couldn't think of anything but the Snickers.  So I gave in and stopped and bought one and then I forgot about it and it melted in the car.  :(    The Snicker's would have just been the 3rd or 4th bad food decision I made yesterday. 

I was kinda nervous about my doctors appointment today, yep that's right, another one this morning.  This morning was a heart stress test since I went to the ER twice with chest pain they set it up but I really wanted to have this one done to ease my mind.  Not to play the sad card but I have been told I am stressed and my mom died of a heart attack so I just couldn't get out of my mind that something was horribly wrong with my heart.

So I showed up this morning armed in my tennis shoes and sports bra ready to run on the treadmill.  They had their own idea of stress test.  They took my shirt and bra and left me in a gown and tennis shoes....sexy on so many levels!

I think I impressed my doctor boy because I rocked out that treadmill!  I made that treadmill my bitch!  I was all sweaty with floppy boobs but I did what I went to do and that was stress the heart.  After the walking and sweating I went to the waiting room where they finally gave me food and drink and forced me to walk around in that horrible outfit in front of all the other patients. 

They took me to the picture room and I had to lay still for 18 minutes while they took lots of pictures of the radioactivity in my heart.  Sounds so fancy and in depth and I'm sure it is but my part was laying on a table and taking a 18 minute nap.

It didn't take long for results and they said my heart was healthy.  Like the best results you could get and I instantly felt like a stress weight had been lifted from my chest (pun intended.)  So the heart doc gave me the go ahead to workout the way I want.

Blood and heart have now both been checked and cleared and I have been given the go ahead to started kicking it in the gym again.  For the last 2 weeks I have been doing maintenance workouts, enough to keep from gaining weight, but now I'm ready for MY workouts.

I already called my late night workout buddy to see if she was ready for some high intensity workouts and she is thinking she might have some nights free for me. 

She is also my little diet gopher.  I was asked to read a book and review it, and in the case of this book I have to do it before I can really give it an honest opinion.  I'm reading Wheat Belly.

I'm not done yet so I cant do a full review of it yet, but what Ive read so far I think it might be worth a try.  It reminds me a lot of the Paleo diet, not the same by any stretch, but similar and I enjoyed Paleo, enough to do it longer than my workout buddy and keeping lots of the principals in my everyday diet even after I stopped talking about it every day.

Ill let you all know more about it when I'm done but right now I'm still reading.

Tomorrow I have no doctors appointment, none scheduled yet at least, so I have to work all day long.  haha!  Maybe I can get some sweat in tomorrow along with all the work!

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