Saturday, June 16, 2012


I was feeling a little bit guilty about not getting a workout in last night, but tonight I know for 100% that I made up for yesterday and burned plenty of calories today.  I spent 5 hours this morning canoe the river and it was very low and still water.  It was sooooo much fun, I really do love canoeing.  I can feel muscles that haven't seen the light of day since all this rest crap and I am happy about that. 

Every movement this afternoon makes me whence just a little bit.  I am glad that I got my workout in today and that I got to make up for yesterday.

The reason I really wanted to post today was actually not to talk about the canoe trip or the paint ball bruises, but more to talk about this new diet.  Its a diet like everyday food not focused on weight loss but I am seeing some very results.  Not on the scale and not in my pants, not yet at least but in other ways. 

Tonight I was really challenged with diet for the first time.  During the week I am in charge of packing all of my own food and I rarely eat out or eat in a situation that is not in my control.  But tonight I went out to dinner to a favorite place of mine.  I always get this delicious Chicken Spice Sandwich and I just couldn't think of anything else I would want other than that sandwich on the delicious ciabatta bread that is so good.  But I chose this and ordered chicken breast with black beans and salsa. 

The interesting thing was that I was completely satisfied after we ate, not miserably full but good full.  Then I had a cup of sorbet for dessert, still not miserable!  The folks that I was dining with were really feeling miserable but I was all good. 

Then it happened, I had the opportunity to have a warm Krispy Kreme doughnut!!!  My Achilles heel, I just didn't have any more will power, so I took 30 seconds to complain about the choice that I made and then sat down and watched others eat the doughnuts...and amazingly enough, I was ok.  Not eating the doughnuts was hard because I wanted to eat the hot glazed goodness, more out of habit because its not something I get often, but after resisting them I felt pretty good.  As I made my way home I kept thinking about it.  Everyone in my crew was so full, stuffed, couldn't eat another bite and I was fine.  I was full, completely satisfied, I ate plenty of calories, not claiming it was the most healthy meal of my life but I was feeling good. 

It gave me an extra little push for the days to come.  I think I can do this for a few more days for sure, maybe even longer if I have more nights where I feel like this.  It still reminds me a lot of the Paleo Diet with some looser guidelines.  I am interested to see how the results show on the scale in the next week or so. 

So in celebrating my victory, I'm having a midnight snack (at 10:50) of a small stack of Starburst (its a safe candy) and a huge bottle of water to make up for the sweat and heat of the canoeing today.  Time for rest and hopes and dreams for not sore muscles in the morning.  Here's hoping for that....

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