Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Review "ShowerPill" Body Wipe

Right off the bat I would give this product an A-.  The only reason it gets the minus is because I really really really should have had a shower after the workout that I put in yesterday.  By the time my workout was over I was pouring sweat, aching, and could hardly walk down the steps.

All I wanted to do was find a place to sit down and rest for just a second....but this has nothing to do with the workout but the product.  I got to the locker room and look what was peaking out at me from my gym bag. 

I was so tired I had forgotten about it and I was so excited about using it.  So I had to get some of the initial sweat and wet clothes off.  That was a task in itself.  No lie, keep reading today cause I will talk about that workout for sure.

Right off the bat I can tell you 2 things I loved about this wipe.  1.  It didn't smell like anything.  It wasn't fruity or fragrant.  It was just clean.  2.  It was big and thick.  It was not like a baby wipe but much larger.  Oh I thought of a 3rd thing, 3.  It was wet.  Not like some of those makeup removal wipes that don't even feel like they have anything on them.

Size Comparison:  Pretty Big right!?!?

I did you all a favor and didn't take pictures of me actually using the product.  I was actually really pleased.  After the wipe and some fresh Deodorant I was feeling fresh and clean enough to go to the ballpark...If I had been going anywhere else I would have probably had to take a full out shower.

I took a clean towel and dried off.  The only problem was I forgot dry underwear!  Really~

Overall this product was pretty amazing:  Would I use it again?  For Sure...Yes.  Would I recommend to a friend?  Yes Anna you should get a box of these things. 

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