Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Today's Goal

Today has two main goals.

1.  Drink tons of water to replace what all I lost yesterday.
2. Get up every 30 minutes and walk around so that my legs don't get stuck in a seated position.

Yes, I had such a tough workout yesterday that I have to stand up on a regular basis just to prove that I still can!  I'm hurting so bad I have to re-adjust just to sit in my desk chair.  I wanted a strong leg workout and I achieved my goal. 

The workout went like this, climbs on the spin bike, intensity up/reps down.  (250 rotations/upping the intensity every 50; then 200 rotations/ up intensity every 50...all the way to 0: one min rest between)  I think I was a little over ambitious starting at 250.  I made for a challenging workout on the bike. 

Go to the 6:50 mark to get the idea of what I was doing.

Then I had some leg strength moves that I was going to do.  I have mostly done squats my whole life with some variations for different muscles or different areas of the leg.  But my knee is really tender from getting back to intense workouts so I found a way to do variations on the leg press machine.

IT WORKED!   I got the areas of the leg that I needed to work and I cannot move today because of it.  I am walking around like I got a corn cob shoved up my butt!

And if that wasn't enough, ok really I had 10 more minutes before I had to leave, so I thought I might as well finish up with some interval sprints on the treadmill.  This was supposed to be a cool down but them someone else came in the room and I am just too competitive so I had to go harder, faster, and better than them.

So then it was time to be done and get to the ball park.  I had a clean up session with the ShowerPill that I loved.  (Read the review here)  As I walked out of the gym, I turned around and went back inside for a quick drink of water.  I just knew when the heat from the outside hit me that it wasn't going to be good....
By the time I got to the games I was completely sweaty once again.  Like I never dried off in the first place and my leg muscles were just trembling. I got out of the car and it was even hotter.  I was starting to get a little nervous.  I was all sweaty and clammy and I thought that I might just have to puke.  My workout had been over about 20 minutes at this point and I was getting worse.
I finally got a bottle of water and even a Gatorade (I never drink that) and found a spot on the bleachers.  The puke feeling finally left me but my legs were still shaking.  After about 20 more minutes I was pretty sure I was going to live, but that was about it.  I still wanted to go home and get a shower and get in bed.  My body hasn't hurt like that in a while.
When I look back on it now, it was amazing, at the time I thought I was going to make my follow up visit to the ER! 
Today I will be enjoying the once again hot weather with an indoor workout.  Today we will focus on the upper body and hopefully I can find a way to do the entire workout without having to walk, bike, or move my legs at all.
I have had a few emails and questions about the "No Wheat" diet.  I am still following this plan and I am still liking it.  I don't find it anymore challenging, actually its a bit easier than the Paleo diet.  I do need to get some more veggies in there but I think that is the only real lack.  I have noticed that I don't crave the breads like I used too.  I'm finding it easier to resist when my work bakes cookies (which is twice a day every day) or when I pass the Little Debbie section in the gas station. 
Not one, not two, but 3 trays of fresh baked cookies right across the hall from me!  I just go in there to smell them and take picutres!
The only real negative is the need for a fork with every meal.  The convenience of a bun or tortilla is something I have taken for granted, especially when you have to walk around with a bowl and silverware from home. 
Its a sacrifice I'm willing to make in the name of a challenge or weight loss. 
Now a few questions for some of you cooks out there.  I have enjoyed my Japanese chicken (sans soy sauce), but it will get old if that is the only flavor I get.  Last night I made a chicken stir fry when I got home but I need new marinades or seasoning ideas.  I love chicken so something that goes good with the bird.
What seasonings or marinades are good?

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