Tuesday, June 19, 2012


This morning has definitely been a two cups of coffee kinda day.  I was up late last night...you know....blogging, and then I really couldn't fall asleep.  I think its because I worked out as late as I did.  Anyway, I watched TV, counted sheep, played a few games, and finally fell asleep. 

I woke up this morning starving.  That happens every now and then for me but today I took it to a whole new level.  I was able to fix a fruit smoothie, grab a handful of cashews, fix my first cup of coffee, and a gigantic bottle of water.  I was thinking if I could get some water in my belly I wouldn't feel so hungry.  It didn't work but I was able to control myself and eat a healthy breakfast.  It would have been so easy to stop and get a grab a biscuit this morning but I resisted.

I have had a few temptations with this whole "no wheat" thing but none as bad as last night.  I even resisted Krispy Kreme, but last night at the fundraiser dinner for our church we were at Shoney's.  They have this giant cookie with caramel and ice cream on top that is uber delicious.  I usually share one with my niece when we go but she wasn't there last night so I was asking around the table to see who wanted to share one, then it hit me!  The devastation!!!  I couldn't have one....

This is not the actual one but you get the idea.

So I was very proud of myself for resisting but I did really want this cookie.

I didn't get up and run this morning but I did grab that pile of clothes that was in the floor, put them in the workout bag and pack for the gym tonight.  I will have to go after work and before ballgames so tonight will be the perfect time to try out the Shower Pill.  I have been dying to try them out but my workouts have been first thing in the morning or last thing of the night so I haven't had the chance yet. 

I got these to try out in hopes of doing a giveaway here but after getting them I was put in the hospital for 2 days and then rested for 4 weeks so I still haven't had the chance.  I will have a review for you tonight and hopefully if ShowerPill will still have me we can do a giveaway.

Cup of Coffee #2!

Last night when I was outside working out I found a package sitting on my front porch.  Remember last week when I was telling you guys that I just learned that you could order glasses online.  Well not only can you order glasses online but they arrive super quick and they come with a hard case and a little glasses kit that has a screwdriver and lens cleaner.  Who knew?  This was my first free pair from Coastal and  I am very pleased so far.  The little kit that came with the glasses was just what I needed to fix my old glasses. 

I have one more pair on the way and I cannot wait to get them.  Now that I know this is so fast I will be checking my front porch every day.

This post has worked out perfectly, I just finished cup o' coffee #2 and my fruit smoothie and just got really busy.  I just love it when everything comes together. 

Don't forget to come back tonight and hear more about the ShowerPill.  Is is strange that I am this excited about trying a new product!?!?!


Anna Catherine said...

I'm loving the glasses. There have been about 10 times lately that I wished I had the Shower Pill, so I'm looking forward to the review!

Emily said...

thanks, I cant wait!!!

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