Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Update

Monday, sometimes only a Diet Sundrop will do the trick. (Too hot for coffee, too early for daiquiris)

I think I sweat more this weekend than I have all week and I didn't get a formal workout in once this weekend.  Its hot here in the south, getting really hot.  We saw 102 on the back marquee on Saturday and it just got hotter and hotter.   So hot in fact that I gave up...I finally turned on the air.  It was so hot in my house that I couldn't sleep, but I hate that electric bill when it comes.

I'm hoping that I can take some of the fans away from my bedside and sleep in a cooler, quieter bedroom.  This will help with the chapped lips.  They are terrible.  I had absolutely no chapstick today so I had to go with lipstick today.

Pretty pretty lip stick.  Its soothing so I really dont care what color it is!  I can only think of ONE that I never want on my lips again.  (That link is just for you Sister 3, she thinks it is hysterical)

 I think I could have made it a bit longer without the AC but my entire weekend was hot!  We had a volleyball tourney to attend, and the facility was really nice, but didn't have AC so the big metal building was kinda like an oven and we were just baking.  By the time we left I was a little bit dehydrated. 

Even my office is hot.

Which of these things just doesn't belong?

Let's just say once I got home I was not eager to go outside and mow the lawn but staying inside was not enjoyable either.  I was in a lose lose situation, so I took a nap!  haha, that's always my solution.

Then at some point this weekend, I'm not exactly sure when, but "The Area" started hurting again.  Ive gone from a 2-3 to a 6-8 on the pain scale.


Ive been to the doc 100,000 times, there is not a problem with the heart, the lung, or the stomach!  I have addressed my anxiety and changed my diet, and quit smoking!

So we ruled out the heart...with the stress test.  You're Welcome for that pic!

This there was this pleasurable test, don't remember anything but being really drunk afterward.

And I have tried every combination of drugs there is out there!

All the chest xrays have come back fine, not evidence of a PE (pulmonary embolism) or broken rib.  But none the less, this weekend what ever is wrong in there decided it no longer wants to be happy. (I'm sure it has nothing to do with in increase in activity. ha)  The only other suggestion I have had (without doing a CT scan, which is next) is a Dislocated Rib.  Apparently a trip to my chiropractor will cure all the problem if that is the case.  He can just pop that bad boy back into place.  Now I just have to get to him. 

Until I make it to him I will just keep on keeping on.  I just hope I can get there before I get to the 10!  I know I have complained about this for a while now and I am sorry.  I am just annoyed with it as you guys are.

Yesterday was actually pretty relaxed in my world.  The day started at church, then nap time, again, and then out to dinner for my nieces birthday.  I still managed to stay away from wheat even with birthday cake.  Bless her heart she likes Strawberry cake, yuck! 

I did slip once on Saturday with the wheat thing.  I had chicken sandwich for lunch and cookies and cream ice cream.  I really didn't have any other option for the food but I could have passed on the ice cream I guess.  I just have a few more days on the wheat free diet.  I have not struggled on this one to bad but in order to reap all the benefits you also have to give up corn meal and fruit and oats.  Basically you can eat meat, veggies, dairy, and limited fruit. (Its a glorified Low Carb diet and I am not a huge fan of those)  That's just not going to happen long term for me.  I have enjoyed several things and will keep them part of my diet long term but this is not the diet plan for me.

I'm ready for this week.  I have some workouts already planned and I have some that I will just have to play by ear.  I'm hoping to get to the steps one day this week.  I haven't run the stadium in a while and I really enjoy doing that.  And behind the stadium are some of those huge tractor tires and the coach said I was welcome to use those in my workout.  As long as I don't end up under the tire Ill be ok. 

Tonight I think I am only going to be running.  I'm going to try to steer clear of anything upper body until I can get a little relief, so tonight will just be cardio for this girl. 

I have to run now.  I have got to get some more food in this belly.  I am one hungry girl this morning.  I should have packed more in my lunch box but I'm grateful that I didn't because it would be gone right now!  Just counting down the seconds to lunch.

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