Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Woke Up at 9am and Haven't Quit Sweating Yet!!!

I woke up and went directly to the gym.  I had a protein shake with some cashews on the way to the gym for a little bit on energy.  When I got there it was 104 degrees in the cardio room and I was hot the second I stepped in.  I went straight for the StairMaster...Why?!?!  I have no idea.  My legs are already overworked and I thought another 30 minutes on the StairMaster was a good idea.

I was a little more tired today than I have been.  I had to take a break 3 different times while on the StairMaster....which by the way is not easy.  If you are standing on it, it moves, so I had to stand on the edges and hold myself up.  It was hard on the arms but worth it to take some of the pain off my legs and calves.  This was another day that when I was done the machine was covered in sweat.  I had to use 2 little disinfectant wipes to get all the sweat up.

I couldn't decide what I wanted to do next.  I had my machine all picked out and this old lady "machine blocked" me.  I was changing the channel and when I turned around POOF, she was on my machine!!!  So I had to figure out what in the world I was going to do....

I went over to the treadmill, oh, since my machine was taken I was just going to have to run!  It has been a while since I ran, over a week that is, and I just needed to pick up the pace a little bit.  So I did some intervals on the treadmill.  It was still hot and I was running pretty hard, it hurt after the first couple of intervals so I tuned down the intensity a bit and immobilized my left arm and it helped so I was able to do a few more intervals. 

I finally gave up on the morning workout so I could go home and eat again.  That protein shake just wasn't sticking to my ribs like I needed it to.  I came in and made a eggie omelet (haha that's what my mom called them), 2 eggs, 2 egg whites and some American cheese and it might be the best thing I have ever eaten.  Ok, maybe I was just hungry but it was good.

After my second breakfast I had to decide what I was going to do for the day.  I have cleaned up my house pretty well but I needed to work on my yard and my house.  So I cleaned out my storage shed because it was nasty and full of wasps and spiders.  I got it cleaned out and noticed the outside was kinda gross, little mold and weather all over it.  So I cleaned the outside too, and that went so well that I thought I could do that on my house. 

My house is brick but the overhangs were pretty grimy and could use a little cleaning.  So I climbed up on my ladder and cleaned the overhangs on my house.  It was hot and sunny but my house looks so much better.  I had soapy water running down my arm and soaking my clothes.  "Water water everywhere, but its all full of bleach"  I finished it off by cleaning out the floor of my carport, which was slippery when wet so probably moldy as well even though I couldn't see it.  I really don't want to fall....

I came back inside and started on lunch #1 and a little bit of relaxation before its time to go back to the gym for workout #2.  I'm thinking today's nap might be on the couch while watching some water polo.  I have to get workout 2 in a little bit early tonight because I have an Olympic date with my dad to watch the Girls Gymnastics Team compete.   Date night!!!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Gotta Have It

I don't know why I don't have both of these shirts yet (probably because I don't wear shirts with swear words on them) but I need both of these. I would wear it, dammit! Haha!

I just thought of this because a guy came into the gym tonight with a shirt similar to these and all I could think was I have never seen you in here before ever! Everyday...really!

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Phone Photo Monday

Some repeat photos but this is whats on the phone this week!

Olympis 2012!!!!

Borrowed ketchup...you have to read the previous post to understand.

Love this App, IncrediBooth

We finally got the right hair color...it took a while but I got there.  Forgive the creepy no makeup stair down photo!

This is what I did between innings during the softball game...and ruined my shoes.

My nephews sandwich the other night....really amazing right?!!?!?!

Working out in my cute shoes that match my cute pants and cute shirt.  I was all matchy matchy that day!

Olympics and Unemployment

Let me start with this....I have eagerly awaited the Olympics, tried to pick MY event so I can go in 4 years, but I will not be doing a daily update on the Olympics.  If you like them watch them, if you are like me and unemployed you will get to watch a lot of them.  I have watched all weekend long, I have tried to watch while doing something else otherwise I'm just sitting on my butt and I cant do that. 

This was Saturday

Saturday was the only day that I truly did the lazy Olympic day.  All day long I laid on my couch or bed and watched TV.  I looked up once and it was raining and I had no idea.  The only have a few comments to say....Go Team USA and Aly Raisman!!!  Why doesn't the field hockey team get longer sticks so they don't have to bend over the whole time?  Does anyone understand Judo and can you help me understand it?  When do we get Track and Field?  And how do they play water polo without getting so mad at each other?  Thank you team USA for learning the words to the National Anthem, I haven't seen anyone mess it up yet!

Ok, away from the Olympics now....today I think I made up for all my week 3 slip ups on MM.  I have been back on the right food track.  The only thing today was maybe too many diet drinks but I also had plenty of water.  I also got in 2 crazy intense workouts today.  Since I am spending 8 hours a day at the gym and only able to do the lower body workouts I am officially competing with myself.  Every workout I try to do something more than the day before.  Today I rocked out 170 on the leg press (10lb gain) and I did the stair master for 30 minutes (better by 10 minutes.) 

I can already tell that tomorrow my legs are gonna hurt because as of right now I can hardly walk. 

On the job hunt things are looking up.  I went to a job fair yesterday and was asked to stay for an interview and today I was asked to stay for a second interview!  I am not loving this unemployment thing, the sleeping in a bit and the mid-day nap are nice but so are paychecks and something to do! 

I do have one funny for you tonight.  I got all ready to fix my dinner tonight and really needed ketchup, however, I forgot to get in it in my last 3 trips to Wal-Mart (another new hobby of mine) so at 8:30 when I got home from the gym for a second time today I had to call my dad and go to his house and pick up a cup of ketchup so I could eat my dinner.  Yes!  Ketchup is that important!

I could eat it with a spoon!

I'm going to drag my tired little butt to the shower and to bed so I can get up and do it all again tomorrow morning.  I have to gym goals yet for tomorrow but I'm sure I will come up with something.

Also, 2 exciting things.  I have been chosen to be featured on two seperate websites (myrebody.com and Fitblogger) and I am so excited.  I will let you know when they come out.  

Saturday, July 28, 2012

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So Many Twists and Turns

Today started off so normal, my new normal at least....and then things got a little bit wonkey.  I woke up and went to the gym.  StairMaster and weights this morning.  Oh, the soreness is too much. 

Can you count that high!

This is not a ballet bar, but it can be if you do it right.

My shoes and my tights, both Nike, how matchy matchy am I today!

So after the gym it was off to visit a recent surgery patient who I wanted to visit with.  She was all laid up and in need of a buddy.  Basically we talked about the excitement about the Olympics starting.

Then I had to run off to pick up my paycheck, you know from the job that I don't have.  I actually got there a little bit early so I could go by the hair supply store and get a fix for the horrible hair color.  I got all my supplies and headed over to get the check....

Haha, I just cant resist these...a train really?!?!?!

So I came home and immediately went in to hair fix mode.  I purchased some toner to take away the yellow and make it more of a white blond.  Success!!!!  I not longer have canary yellow hair.  Ok, so it is slightly purple but that is so much better than the alternative. 

Once the hair crisis was over I was going to watch my niece play the final softball games of the season, and as I pulled up I discovered that I was going to get to play tonight.  I'm not on the team but they needed someone and I had tennis shoes.  I guess I didn't need a second workout today because I had 2 games to play.

During the game my sister had the iPhone so I have lots of pictures of Softball night!

By the way I still have not worn make up since Monday.

We have action shots, crowd shots, and even a group photo from the bleachers.

Yours truly was 1 for 5, yes I suck.  I used to be good at this sport but I am not anymore.  My one hit was a pretty good one.  I managed to bring in a couple of runs and get thrown out at first the other 4 times.

I was filthy once the game was over.  I was not in softball playing clothes or shoes so I had dirt from head to toe.  My morning shoe picture was so much better than the end of the day picture photo.

Hope they come clean!

After the ballgame I had a date, late night Sonic night with the girls.  We laughed we cried, from laughing so hard, we got back into the photo spirit.  It was too many photos and way tooooo much fun.

Once I got home I had to put everything directly in the washing machine, top to bottom, and hit the shower before I could even sit on my furniture.  Now after this crazy busy day I am exhausted, I have sore muscles on top of muscles, I'm pretty sure I broke my knee and will have a bruise on my arm in the morning, but on the plus side, my hair is no longer yellow!!!!

Have a good weekend guys!  May you all have fun watching the Olympics all weekend long!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

1 Good/ 1 Bad

I woke up and went to the gym today like I have every other day this week, but today I was just not feeling it.  I couldn't get motivated to do anything.  I walked for about 20 minutes and just left.  My heart was not in it.  Part of my problem today was the fact that I am sore!!!!!  So sore!  My legs feel like I have taken stabs to my quads.  They are sore to bend and keep straight.  They hurt when I just sit still. 

After I drove to the gym (I just cant call that a workout) I went for a little afternoon swim.  It was really nice to get some sun on my skin.  It also led to a little bit of a sunburn on my skin.  Nothing too bad but sunburn none the less.  Now I have yellow hair and red skin, not a good combination. 

I went to lunch today and did not do a good job with my food choices.  I ate some French Fries.  I even decided to cheat and have ice cream but karma was good to me and I bought a kind that I have been wanting to try and it was not good!  So I threw it away with no guilt. 

I had to let the bad food choice go and just get on with my day.  No punishment, just had to make good decisions for the rest of the day.  You know there are 2 choices when you do bad:

     1.  Eat bad for the rest of the day because you already ruined it
     2.  Eat nothing for the rest of the day to punish yourself.

I opted for option #3, so I just ate my regular diet like normal.  I did however go back to the gym to try to reverse the French Fry damage.  I ended up getting in a really good workout tonight, 5k in 38 minutes on the elliptical.  It usually takes me a lot longer to do that distance but I was booking it tonight.

Once I got home I had a small dinner, did the shower and shave and then started operation beautification.  I borrowed some purple shampoo from my sister to help with the yellow hair, and it really helped with the color until I get to buy some toner tomorrow.    Then I clipped my toe nails and fingernails, moisturized my hair and my skin (sunburn you know) and even clipped my cuticles.  Operation beautification complete!!!  Well 90% complete, there is still the issue of the hair, which will hopefully be fixed tomorrow.

Now I'm finishing up my night with a few more bottles of water before I hit the bed.  Another day tomorrow with 2 workouts and I get to do weights tomorrow, that should be really fun on the sore legs!!!!!

It's OOoooK

Its Ok Thursdays
It's Ok....

...that I waited until 5pm to start writing this post.

....that I am unemployed, uh!

....that I am obsessed with the Olympics but I'm not the worst one, I have a friend who is trying to talk her unborn baby into being born before tomorrow so she doesn't miss any of the action.

....that I took a nap today.

....this morning's workout sucked because I am sooooo sore but that tonight's workout is going to be better because I did not do great with my lunch today.

.....that I have not worn makeup since Monday.

....that I screwed up my hair color sooo bad and I have to wait until tomorrow to fix it which means I have to look like this for 20 more hours.

....that my new happy is getting to watch Will & Grace in the morning.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursdays Button

With the way my week has gone I wasn't sure I wanted to play this hop, but I have so much to be thankful for, loss of job or not.

1.  I'm thankful that since I had to lose a job it was a job that I did not love.

2.  I'm thankful that I have had a good workout week, even though every muscle in my body is aching right this moment.

3.  I'm thankful that my cable and Internet are back up and running just in time for the Olympics.  I will have two TVs and the Internet streaming everything.

4.  I'm thankful for a few days off for some rest.  If all goes as it has these first two days I should have a really clean house, a completed "honey do" list, and closet organization. I might lose 90 pounds just with all the working out to fill the free time.

5.  I'm thankful for my incredibly helpful family who have helped me out so much in the past few days.

6.  That I don't have to make that drive everyday....just for you guys tonight.  Hopefully this will be the last of these pictures. 

7.  I'm thankful that my computer is cleaned up and running faster.  Now I think I can squeeze a few more months out of this guy.

8.  Im thankful for clean sheets!!!!!!

2 A Days

With football season on the horizon I am now doing 2 a days with the football boys.  I feel like they need some company.  I wish I could workout with the football guys, you know they are working so hard right now with the conditioning.  Before I can get too excited for football season I have to get past the Olympics.


I did make it back to they gym this evening and get in another shorter workout.  We got out of choir practice way earlier than normal so I got to the gym and home way before I expected.  I just did a little workout tonight because I am already feeling pretty sore from today's workout.  I'm getting a little tired of the same workout over and over but I'm trying to change it up as best I can.

When I got home I made an attempt to correct a hair color malfunction (I'm not sure how it looks yet)

It's Strange

I also had to fix a snack.  I was about to starve.  I ate all my meals today but I didn't have my carbs every 5 hours like I needed too.  I was ready for some food.  Because I hadn't eaten my carbs I got to have them as my midnight snack. 

Cheese Quesadilla and Salsa

I almost chewed my fingers off getting it into my mouth.  It was so easy too, low carb tortilla, Mexican shred cheese and restaurant style salsa (actually from the restaurant.)  It was soooooo good.  I wish I could have had 2 of them but that would have gone over my limit.

I'll hit the gym again tomorrow.  If any of you out there can think of a lower body exercise that I have not mentioned in a few days please comment and let me know!

I'm dying to weigh in again and see if I have lost any more weight.  I am trying so hard to wait until the end of the 8 weeks but 5 more weeks to wait is torture.  I might have to do a halfway check or something.  I really think I am starting to see some results with this plan, pants a little looser that is, and hopefully the scale thinks so too.

My Life In An Instagram

My Instagram is incredibly boring this week, Ive been a little side tracked I think.....but here goes.

I have had an awesome week of workouts...here's proof!

Someone teach this boy how to eat a KitKat
Tech Boy extraordinaire!  Hes one of many that saved me in the Tech emergency over the weekend.

I screwed up the hair color, then tried to fix it, now it looks like this.  Ehhhh!  Ill try to pull it off.

Sister Love, I haven't worn makeup all week, might as well put make-upless pictures on the blog.

Birthday Girl

It's a lose lose TV situation!

How much do you want to eat it if you have to step over the scale to get it and heat it up?!?!?

I just love this quote

This might be the best thing I have ever eaten, I was starving and I haven't had hardly any of my carbs today...gone in seconds!

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