Monday, July 9, 2012

12.10 Miles

Imagine sitting on a tiny seat for 12.1 miles, lets just say it is not a pleasant experience when you haven't done it in months.  Yes I have ridden the stationary bike at the gym but not actually rode a bike on solid ground....

It started with such an innocent text,

I didn't agree to it right off the bat, instead I got up and did some yard work, cleaned out my garage with the bikes in it, cleaned them off and though this bike ride might be a good idea, so I put the bike rack on and loaded up the bikes.

We are Schwinn People!

After I picked up the bikes and loaded them up I was committed.  Its a workout putting the bikes on the car.  We got our plan all worked out.  We were going to go late in the afternoon so we could beat the heat.  There was a stop to air up the tires, another weight lifting session to get the bikes down and then another trip to the air tank so we could get the tires right. 

With the tires aired up and ready to ride we were off.  It was actually a really pleasant ride.  We beat the heat and still had plenty of day light to go.  I was talked into the ride but I really enjoyed getting to ride with my girl and having someone to talk to the whole ride. 

We didn't really have a course mapped out or a total miles goal so right before our mile 4 break, so that I could stand up for a second, we decided we could do 10 miles, minimum. 

Parking Lot break time!   I have to stop to take a picture, I cant drink and ride at the same time, much less take a picture on the road.

The hills were by far the worst part for me.  I was riding in a higher gear than normal.  I need to get stronger if we are going to do this again.  There was a little bit of whining and screaming up the hills but I made it to the top of all of them, with the exception on one that was just too much for me.

I walked to the top of it and then needed an oxygen tank and a drink.  We were at about 9 miles at this point and both still feeling pretty good so we made stop number 2 for a drink break.  We both agreed we could get 12 miles.  Oh, my butt regrets this decision.  hah!  We really only had one more hill after the second break and I got to the very top and just didn't have any kick left.  Once we got to flat ground again I was fine and able to get the final 2 miles and make it back to the car.

The weight lifting begins again...

so heavy....

I don't know why I am still wearing my helmet....

Then we had the post workout high and started taking pictures.  I am getting better with the photos.

Too close, lets try that again....

Much better in our matching helmets.

She was smiling and then at the last second gave me this gem of a photo!

12.10 miles, yessss ma'am!

After the ride was done other than the obvious tush pain I was feeling really good.  We did a Wal-Mart run and then off to the house.  Where again I unloaded the bikes.

It wasn't until hours later when I was lying in bed that I realized how sore I was going to be.  I was laying there and my legs were screaming, my butt was on fire, and I was starving.   I ate dinner before we rode but it didn't stick with me.  That's when I started threatening my riding partner...I had places hurting that even my gyny doesn't know about.

I'm still hurting pretty good today and I have no idea how I'm going to workout tonight.  I can hardly walk, looks like I just gave birth, so I haven't figured the workout thing out quite yet. 

We have already made plans to ride again, once all my girl parts heal, and maybe we can go even further than before.  Like 12.11 miles! :)

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Wendie Haynes said...

Oh bycicle seats...gotta hate them. I have a bigger cushy one & still it hurts! Told my hubby I needed a lawn chair with leg holes notched in to peddle.
Great job on the ride and I admire the ambition to make the next ride longer. Haha!

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