Wednesday, July 25, 2012

2 A Days

With football season on the horizon I am now doing 2 a days with the football boys.  I feel like they need some company.  I wish I could workout with the football guys, you know they are working so hard right now with the conditioning.  Before I can get too excited for football season I have to get past the Olympics.


I did make it back to they gym this evening and get in another shorter workout.  We got out of choir practice way earlier than normal so I got to the gym and home way before I expected.  I just did a little workout tonight because I am already feeling pretty sore from today's workout.  I'm getting a little tired of the same workout over and over but I'm trying to change it up as best I can.

When I got home I made an attempt to correct a hair color malfunction (I'm not sure how it looks yet)

It's Strange

I also had to fix a snack.  I was about to starve.  I ate all my meals today but I didn't have my carbs every 5 hours like I needed too.  I was ready for some food.  Because I hadn't eaten my carbs I got to have them as my midnight snack. 

Cheese Quesadilla and Salsa

I almost chewed my fingers off getting it into my mouth.  It was so easy too, low carb tortilla, Mexican shred cheese and restaurant style salsa (actually from the restaurant.)  It was soooooo good.  I wish I could have had 2 of them but that would have gone over my limit.

I'll hit the gym again tomorrow.  If any of you out there can think of a lower body exercise that I have not mentioned in a few days please comment and let me know!

I'm dying to weigh in again and see if I have lost any more weight.  I am trying so hard to wait until the end of the 8 weeks but 5 more weeks to wait is torture.  I might have to do a halfway check or something.  I really think I am starting to see some results with this plan, pants a little looser that is, and hopefully the scale thinks so too.

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