Wednesday, July 4, 2012

24 Hour Days

Today I had a lot of free time on my hands to search the Internet.  I spent the majority of the day searing and emailing a friend about some CrossFit workouts.  I found several that looked fun, some that looked impossible, and some that I was going to do for sure!

I also planned out my afternoon workout.  I missed my morning run because of the whole oversleeping thing so I really wanted to go outside and do something hot or not.  So I convinced 2 friends to do it with me, I asked 3 but one said no before we ever got going.

The plan was run the stadium, even though its hot outside, then do this new 2 week beginner CrossFir workout that I found online.  Its 16 days long so it should give you a little understanding of the workouts. 
Once it actually got time to go do the stadium steps and guess body wanted to do it cause it was hot!  I didn't care.  I had a big bottle of water and I needed to be outside!!!!

I know you will be shocked that I took all these pictures by myself.

Down is so easy.....

Up is so hard!

The steps kicked my tail but it was so nice.  I chose the side that had some shade and I took plenty of water breaks.  Then it was off to the gym to get in Day 1 of the CrossFit workout.  On my way out I saw the most perfect site ever.....

I cant wait to get my hands on these, but not today!

I got to the gym to do what looked like such and easy workout.  Not so was amazingly deceiving.  I did 4,000 90 full sit-ups and I have forgotten how hard the full sit up was.  I took a phone call in the middle of the final 30 sit ups and I was so happy for the interruption. 

From that second on my day didn't quit.  I got busy and I don't really know how it happened.  I left the gym to go get some food, on the way there my chiro called again (he was the interruption) and said he was ready to go, so I turned around and met him at the office.  He told me what he was doing was no longer therapeutic but he thought it was funny to hear me squeal.  I don't know exactly what the problem is but it seems to feel better so I will keep treating it like this until something changes. 

Today, I had a sneezing fit and everything broke loose in my "Area" so I was glad he saw me tonight.

Then I ran over to a friends house to help her change over her new phone which took a while, then visit with my dad, and headed to the sisters house to makes some fancy treats for the holiday, no reason other than we found them on pinterest.

How cute are these?

Pinterest has just become a time zapper when you are on the site, and time consuming when you are trying to make that "darling" thing that you found.  On that note, please feel free to follow me....

Follow Me on Pinterest

I finally got home, just after midnight, I had to shower because of the hot mess that I had become with all the working out and all the running around, but all I wanted to do was get in bed.  Yes, bed!  Its been 20 hours since I have even seen my house so I am pleasantly blogging from my pillow tonight.

I hope you all have a safe and fun 4th of July.  I have no intention to blog or workout tomorrow so I will be seeing you on the next Monday of this week. 
Enjoy the day!

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Melissa said...

I've done that two week beginner's crossfit training. It kicks your butt!!

Enjoy your fourth!

Emily said...

How did you deal with all these sit ups?? They are killing me!

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