Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Full Day

I have to stay busy or I will eat myself silly.  That is exactly what I have tried to do today.  I was up late last night because I could so I slept in a little this morning, but as soon as I got up I went ahead and went to the gym.  I was a little sore when I woke up because I was at the gym so late last night but I had weights today and I didn't want to miss those.

I got to the gym and kicked it into high gear.  I did my cardio, my legs, a little bit of abs (lower only) and a little more cardio.  I used the steps and bike as my cardio today so I was soaking wet when I finished.  Those two machines are the two biggest sweat producers.

You know it was a good workout when you get home and throw the workout shirt in the floor and it plops down in a hot wet mess.  I knew I had a good burn this morning. 

I had to shower up so I could run around again today and give out resumes and fill out applications.  And then I cleaned up my house a little bit.  I cleaned out closets that I have wanted to get to for months.  I have wanted to snack today, its that whole no structure thing.  I didn't cheat even though I wanted some potato chips really really bad today.  Instead I had a cup of Jello.  When you want chips, jello just doesn't cut it.  Just FYI!!!!

I am hoping to go to the gym again tonight like I would normally do on a regular work day.  I can always used a little more cardio so I don't lose any of my fitness while I am still on slight restriction.  My upper body is going to be a poor pitiful weak area and my legs are going to look like that of a Greek  god.  I have maxed out again on the leg press machine, 160lbs!!!!  With all this cardio on top of the weights I should see some changes in the  legs....right now they are getting bigger, but not cut up.  There is something about beautiful muscular legs.

<====  Those are some nice looking legs!

So there may be another workout to come tonight, I say might but that is a lie, I have already packed my bag and I am ready to go again.


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