Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Letter


Dear StairMaster-  You are evil and I hate you, but if you make my ass look like this I will love you for forever.

Dear Rain-  Can you please go away and come again another day?

Dear Sister 3-  Feel free to call again tonight during my workout.  I waited and waited for my call last night and I never heard anything.  Around 6:30pm?!?!?

Dear Gym Admin-  Can we please get the air conditioner fixed in the cardio room, several pedestal fans and a window unit?   Please.  Wonder how many funny looks I would get if I brought a fan in the gym with me.

Dear Annoying Secretary-  Thank you for storming into my office this morning to say "Good Morning" however it is not necessary to do it every 45 minutes.  If you want to see what I'm doing just knock and ask.

Dear CrossFit-  I miss our little workouts but I'm coming back soon!!!!  I'm gonna have to go through that soreness all over again...Yikes!

Dear Tervis Tumbler-  You have been a great service for several years and I'm really sorry but you are going to get sent back to the manufacture because your seal is broken.  However, If I don't get my Bumblebee I will go ninja on your butt!

Is that not the cutest tumbler ever?

Dear Legs-  I am really sorry for the punishment you are taking while the upper body is off limits but you are going to look great in a few weeks.

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