Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Letters


Dear Sit Ups, why are you so difficult? I'm trying really hard here and you are killing me. Please be just a little nicer to the abdominals!

Dear VOSS water, thank you for making the most awesome glass water bottle! It's way cool.

Dear makers of prepackage taco seasoning, you make my life so much easier cause I don't have to figure out which herbs and spices to buy.

That's gonna taste good tonight!

Dear abs, I've already talked to the sit ups and they are going to be nicer to you. So will you please be nicer to me now?!?!?

Dear iPhone Waist Band and Arm Band, thank you for so cleverly holding my phone so I can enjoy my music while I run around like a maniac in pants with no pockets.

Everyone should have one of these waist band things, its so small but it holds tons of stuff.  Stretchy Stretchy!

Dear Dad, thanks for calling me when I got done on the steps to make sure I was ok and I'm sorry that was the exact minute my phone went haywire and it made a sound like I fell down a flight of steps. Sorry!!!!!

Dear Proactive, could you make a face wash that also takes off eye makeup? Just wondering if that is an option? Love the product!

Dear Guy who winked at me at the gym last night!  Thank you very much for that, especially since I was all kinds of nasty after finishing that workout and still liking what you saw!  Hope to gym flirt with you later this afternoon.

Dear Grands Biscuits, thanks for making the mini can of biscuits for the nights when toast just won't cut it. I'm way less tempted when there are less to pick up.

Dear Magic Mike, I'm coming soon, I promise! Can't wait!

Dear TLC, I enjoy the Duggers in the morning while I am getting ready for work but I just have to say thank you very much for introducing this guy into my life this morning.

Dear How's My Driving? Guys,  Since you asked it sucks very much!  You could go a little faster and you would still be under the speed limit!  Lets work on just getting up to speed, then we can cover getting out of the way when other cars need to pass!

I'm liable to keep adding to these all day long cause I keep thinking of more!

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Dianne said...

Dear Emily,
I miss you!! :)

Dianne :)

Nicholl Vincent said...

love taco seasoning! its the best


have a good one!

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