Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Letters


Dear Boss Man Jack-  Thanks for letting me have Monday off.  I need a 3 day weekend to go play with some of my babies!  Ok, I have to go to the Doc too but I'm focusing on the Babies.

Dear Chris Powell-  I Love You!!!!  I forgot how much until I started watching the Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition...again.

Dear Utility Truck Driver-  Can you please call me and let me know what time you leave in the morning because I manage to get beind you every freaking day!!!!

Dear Friday the 13th-  Be nice!

Dear Commercial Breaks-  I have decided that I hate you.  You have now infiltrated all my Internet TV as well (90 seconds, I might as well watch it on TV) and you interrupt at the most inappropriate times.

Dear Metabolism Miracle- I know its only been one week but I am actually liking you more now than I thought I would.   I weight this morning and was down 5 pounds.  Wooooo Freakin Hooooo!!!!!!!

Dear Sonic- Thank you for having shaved has made my morning!  It makes my morning most morning but after a 5lb loss it really made my day today!

Dear Tonight's Workout-  I have already decided what we are doing, Big Tires, but I am being very ambitious so please be as good as last nights workout. 

Dear Gym Bag Packer (ok me but I don't want to take the blame)-  Thank you for remembering to pack a sports bra tonight.  Last night  I forgot it and most of the time when I forget something I just say, "It Ok because..." but forgetting a sports bra is never ok.  Let's not do that again!!!!

Dear Boss Man Jack again-  OK, I'm sorry.  It was a total accident I promise, but its going to be there for the whole month!  I really didn't mean to!

And yes this got me in trouble at work!

and finally....

Dear Work Email-  If you don't work correctly today I might take the entire computer and throw it out the door, then catch it on fire, and smash it with a hammer.  I work in construction, I have a hammer!!!


faith said...

I am sorry it got you in trouble but thank you so much for sharing the calendar with us... It made my day. <3 that.

Emily said...

I was worth getting in trouble. He said I could white it out, but I didnt!

Nikki said...

OMG that calendar is awesome! I'm sorry you got in trouble for it!

Found you through the link up!

Congrats on the weightloss! I know all about it! You can check out my weight loss journey on my page on the weight loss journey tab if your interested!

Sarah said...

Metabolism Miracle?! I want to know more about that! Found you through Friday's Letters! :)

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