Friday, July 20, 2012

I Did My Part Tonight

I left work and went straight to the gym.  I did not pass go I did not collect $200.  The only stop I had was in the locker room to change my shoes.  I started on the elliptical machine, new program today, Fat Burner Intervals, 28 minutes of hell.

This one was a challenge today

It was really just an outer realm of hell because after i got off the elliptical I went DI-rectly to the stair stepper.  I was really hoping to beat my time from yesterday and work some of the pain out of my calves.  I set it for 20 minutes, ambitious, I know.  I made it through the first 12 just fine and the last 8 minutes kicked my tail. 

I was just pouring sweat and felt like I couldn't take another step up.  I had to hit stop about 3 different times in the last 8 minutes just to take a breather.  But even though I had to take a few breaks I made the 20 minutes. 

43 floors, that's like the Empire State Building right?!?!!?  :)

After the 20 on the StairMaster I was pretty much spent.  I could barely walk much less do anything else.  I had a little bit of time to kill so I got on the bike just to keep moving for a few more minutes before I went to dinner.  I remembered to pack some pants to cover the tight pants before dinner but I didn't have a dry shirt.  I'm gonna just have to pack a dry outfit ever single night from here on out!

You cant go into public like this!!!!

I did eventually get dried up a little bit, enough to go eat anyway.  I went and got my food and now I am home and already in bed!  Yeah!  Early to bed, Early to rise, so I can get in a run before the heat makes me cry.

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