Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's OK/ Thankful Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK....

...that I now officially have to depend on glasses to see my computer screen.  100% of the time.

...that I got stung by something (bee, sweat bee, wasp, scorpion, etc.) yesterday.  It hurt like hell!!!!

...that I am sore from top to bottom.  I have to keep telling myself that this one is OK!

...that now that I work in the neighboring county and don't want to get ready at the gym everyday I have to do 90% of my workouts alone. 

...that the majority of my Instagram photos are of my food.  And the only reason I put them in Instagram is so they will look cute on my blog.

...that 5 days into July I still haven't changed my calendar.....

Here's a perfect example of that Instagram thing.

...that my hair looks like crap today, its Monday nobody cares how your hair looks on Monday.

...that I will refer to today as Monday all day long!  I love a week with 2 Mondays, 2 Fridays, and 2 Saturdays!!!!!!
...that I'm so addicted to the Olympics that I'm thinking of putting a countdown on my blog. 

...that watching the trials the other day I couldn't figure out why it was only America that was racing.  Was America so dominate in 400m that no one else could compete.  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, trials are for America only, Olympics are for all the countries to compete!

...that I still haven't figured out which event I'm going to train for so I can make the Olympics in 2016.  I'm thinking the Triathlon, that way I would have a reason to purchase a good road bike.  Or weight lifting but I dont want to wear that little outfit.

Thankful Thursdays Button
I'm Thankful....
...that I found 2 online outlets to purchase cheap glasses.  I cannot afford $400 glasses every time I lose or break them.
...that I was able to do the stairs the other day without falling down the steps and breaking my neck.  I was kinda worried about that when I was out there.  I made sure a few people knew I was out there so if I didn't show up to other things they would know where to look for my body!
...for holidays right smack dab in the middle of the week.
...that I have a job!
...that I was physically able to do 90 sit ups.
...that my daddy lets me come over to his house late and eat his popcorn.
...that it finally rained in my town.  I just hope now that we can stop talking about it for a few days.
...that my neighbors did not shoot fireworks all night long.  I don't think they shot any at all!!!
...that tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!


Leah said...

lol on you IG'ing your food for your blog. That's awesome!

Tiffany said...

Found you through It's Okay Thursday!!

Oh my gosh--I LOVE your blog header. Love, love love! I cannot wait to read more about your story. I'm your newest follower!


Lauren said...

"that the majority of my Instagram photos are of my food. And the only reason I put them in Instagram is so they will look cute on my blog".

story of my life!!!!

Emily said...

Ive at least tried to delete the photos from instagram so they are not on my news feed. Im afraid people will stop folling me if I just post food.

Thanks Tiffany, I did it using Pisca ?sp? by google. it was really easy.

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